What is that knob in my SentrySafe blocking the door pocket? There’s an access hole at 11 o’clock. : Locksmith

I have searched far and wide and can’t find any info. My guess is that one pokes a wire through the hole and presses on some plate, which would probably then allow the the knob to turn clockwise it looks like … and then what happens? I’m not adventurous enough to find out.

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Mortise cylinder smart lock OR simple WiFi access control for e strike. : Locksmith

I have a customer wanting to control access to his laundromat after hours, as well as set an open and locked time frame. He has an aluminum storefront with Adams rite. Ideally a mortise cylinder smart lock and paddle exit would be great, otherwise a WiFi controller for an e strike or electrified Adams rite would work.

I don’t do much access control work, any advice would be appreciated. Want to avoid maglock.

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I’m looking for a add on for a standard lock body that allows access control systems to actuate the lock.

The idea is that I want an device that will allow me to take a Bowley lock, or any standard deadbolt and add access control to it. The external deadbolt lock should still work, but the device should detect that it has been opened and automatically re lock the door after a certain amount of time. This is more to make sure that a house door is locked in case you forget and to enable access to guests that show up for any reason. NOTE I'm not looking for a system that will connect to a mobile device, I'm looking for a system that will work with a commercial access control system, hardwired and connected to something like Ubiquiti Networks's upcoming access control devices. I'm not compromising security for the convenience. I am finding electronic deadbolts that go inside the door, but don't fit a standard deadbolt profile, why i need something external, to retrofit a door rather then replace it. Are there any such devices?

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