Mobile accounting software for my business : Locksmith

I’ve been using QuickBooks Pro (desktop version) for several years now with my (mobile) Locksmithing business.  It has worked just fine.  During the day as I drive from job to job I write up paper invoices and the customer usually pays me on the spot.  Credit card or check and all is fine.  Then in the evenings I enter that days invoices into QuickBooks on my desktop so sales and inventory, etc, are tracked electronically.  So basically I’m DOUBLE entering everything!  I would like to switch to some “online” method so I can use my phone to produce the invoice and deplete the inventory “live” and therefore I only have to enter each sale once.  However, switching to QB online is $70 per month!  What do you guys do?  Is there a good system out there that is not so expensive? Thanks.

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