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A little bit of a change of pace question for y’all. (I did message the mods and get permission to post this.) Tl;dr: I need padlocks that can tolerate having their combinations reset a LOT.

I work in a library, and in trying to get items to patrons in a socially distant manner, we put a bunch of lockers just outside the library (think like metal gym/school lockers). We bought resettable Masterlock padlocks to lock them, and set the combination to the last 4 digits of the patron’s library card number, so when they make a reservation they don’t need our help to open the locker.

The problem is that the locks don’t seem to tolerate having their combinations reset multiple times per week. We have 12 lockers, which we reduced to 9, because we’re having a failure rate of like 1-3 locks per week and just don’t have spares. Either the reset tool will no longer turn in its slot, or the lock will stop “accepting” new combinations (you give it a combination, but then when you go to unlock it it doesn’t recognize the new combination….but it doesn’t recognize the old combination either). We’ve been doing this since October and have bought…24 locks? At least? Which is a lot for our budget.

The locks we bought are Masterlocks #176 with the supervisor key override. We also have some 175’s, which seem to hold up better, but if a combination gets lost or set incorrectly we have no way to get into those locks short of cutting them off. Basically, I’m looking for ideas of what’s going wrong (if it’s something a non-expert like me could potentially fix), or alternate recommendations of locks, or ideas for some entire other system. We don’t have the budget for something that would require bluetooth/electronics/an app. I have been told that pneumatic tubes, like they have at bank driveups, are impractical.

Thank you, lock experts!

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Hi, need advice on what type of lock to use for door to balcony. It’s just a regular door, not sliding door. We had many cases where our tenants are locked out at balcony. Any fool proof way to prevent this from happening? : Locksmith

Hi, need advice

Call a locksmith.

Explain to locksmith.

Pay locksmith to do locksmith things.

It’s just a regular door, not a sliding door

This locksmith recommends just a regular lock not a sliding door lock.

Any foolproof way to prevent this from happening?

Remove the door.

Keep a hungry bear on the balcony. I bet the tenants won’t ever use it.

Evict your tenants.

Burn the building down.

Create an elaborate plot in which you gradually feed high quality intelligence to the security services about a foreign government using a nearby building to train terrorists. Ensure that it’s a building that can only be seen from your balcony. The security services will commandere use of your apartment for surveillance and your tenants will no longer get locked on the balcony. The feds might though, so best go with the bear.

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Deadbolt advice : Locksmith

I’m looking to replace my front entry door deadbolt lock. I’m trying to decide between the Schlage B60N and the Schlage B560P. The B60N is marketed as a “Grade 1” and the B560 is a commercial Grade 2. I went to a local locksmith shop and they showed me a Medeco deadbolt which was about $230. I asked about the B560P and they only had the B360 series in stock. Would the B560 be a better and more secure deadbolt (bump and pick resistant) than the B60N lock? thanks!

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2013 Subaru Impreza key replacement problems, need advice! : Locksmith

I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza I bought used with a rebuilt title, but it did not have any engine damage. I lost my only key and had no luck with a locksmith because apparently they have encrypted coding in their keys beyond certain years or something. I was in a remote area so with limited options outside of that one locksmith, I had to tow it to a Subaru dealership to have the key replaced.

The folks at the dealership said the year of the vehicle was kind of on the border of this coding change and kept going back and forth on whether they could get a key made immediately or if they’d have to remove parts of the ignition system of my car and send them in to be cleared and recoded with the new key. They ended up doing the latter.

Apparently when the dealership got the parts back a note was included saying that since it has a rebuilt title there’s additional parts and work involved. That added an extra thousand dollars onto the bill. Reminder, as far as I know (and I’m pretty sure I can find documentation on it) the rebuilt title was due to a fender bender type situation with no parts of the engine damaged/replaced.

I don’t know enough about cars and that’s probably obvious to the Subaru people so my alarm bells are going off like crazy that they’re trying to pull one over on me. My brother told me he was able to replace a key for a 2016 Subaru Legacy (also a rebuilt title) by procuring a key from eBay or something and having a locksmith code it. Why would my car be any different? I don’t trust what they’re telling me at all and it kinda feels like they’re holding my car for ransom at this point.

I’m planning on talking to other dealerships and maybe even other locksmiths in the morning for additional opinions and ideas that I might be able to talk them down with. Or maybe I should just try to trade it in? Any advice on what else I need to say or find out to get out of this relatively unscathed? It’s been an unbelievable ordeal already.

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Sargent RB kik cylinders won’t key up properly. Any advice or tips? : Locksmith

6 pin Sargent RB keyway using ilco kik cylinders master key system. Using Lab SGT115 pin kit. The way the keys work are random after pinning cylinder. Sometimes just one change key sometimes both change keys sometimes ggmk only or ggmk and one change key work. Code cut sargent factory RB keyways on hpc machine more than once doesn’t make a difference. Has anyone had this issue?

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Probably stupidly simple advice request here : Locksmith

Hello r/Locksmith,

I have a fairly large tool chest at my community garden that has an Abus lock with a brass body on it. Mysteriously, within the past two weeks, both keys for it have gone missing. I can’t find them anywhere. It’s autumn and I need my tools to prepare the garden for winter. So my question is this: Will I be able to use bolt cutters to cut the lock off or will this require some greater heroics? It’s just a fairly simple but very sturdy lock like this one: https://www.motonet.fi/fi/tuote/8601320/Abus-riippulukko-65IB40

Many thanks for any and all advice you can give, including how to go about this. I haven’t had occasion to cut many locks in my life (none, in fact) so any advice on how to finesse this with the least brute force, as I’m a middle-aged woman here; will be greatly appreciated.

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Need advice on installing locks on hollow steel apt. door that I messed up. : Locksmith

I apologize in advance for the length of this post!

Hi. I live in NYC and the front door to my apt. is an old (30+ years) steel one, 1.75″ actual thickness.
A few years ago I installed an electronic Schlage lock, which I like fine.
But I really made a mess of the door (83″ x 35″).
See attached trio of photos.
The previous mechanical lockset was large and heavy and I discarded it.
Anyway, where I am now is:
A door that works, but… to lock the door when leaving, I have to pull on that kludged up cable so as to hold the door against the door frame till the trigger the Schlage.
Exiting or entering the apt. from the inside, I have to twist the knob on the Schlage while pushing or pulling the door from the frame.
I threw in that wood piece that holds the cable to prevent neighbors from looking into my apt.
Yes, you are welcome to laugh…

I vaguely recall that the large door thickness was an issue for some reason when I attempted to add a regular doorknob so the door will lock when simply pulled shut.

It’s been 2 or 3 years and the girlfriend is tired of this temporary kludge. Particularly the inability to exit the apt. using one hand (when she is carrying things).

It seems to me I have two possibilities (keeping in mind that I’ll be moving out of NYC soon, and will sell the apt. — it must look good for sale):

  1. Get a new door and start from scratch. I can do this, but it’s expensive, and the outside of the door is a green color that no one on the Coop board remembers. The board will give me cr*p if I don’t manage to paint it a matching color. Neighbors seem to have installed all sorts of locks on existing doors. No one has replaced their door.

  2. Keep the door, have a locksmith fix up this disaster, but I’ve looked around for featureless plates that might cover all these holes on the outside, and I haven’t found anything large enough. I can’t sell the apt. if this looks too crappy.


p.s. I generally do my own repairs — electrical, sheetrock, etc. This door project was not my finest hour. If you wish to make some jokes at my expense, I’m up for it.

r/Locksmith - Need advice on installing locks on hollow steel apt. door that I messed up.

Existing disaster

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