HELP, I just put in a new key into my doorknob at it got stuck.any advice?? : Locksmith

If the key is freshly copied from a place of business … there is a chance that they cut it incorrectly and it has a hook or no ramp which will trap a pin tumbler and makes it damn near impossible to remove.

Another possibility is you are trying to remove it in the wrong position. Make sure the key is straight up and down. (Unless the knob was installed incorrectly).

Was it a locksmith? Or just hardware store Walmart?

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Advice on funky bike lock situation? : Locksmith

Pictures of the set up.

I bought this used bike that has a cylinder click/swinging arm lock installed into the frame of the bike. Previous owners didn’t have a key.

I’ve been looking at finding a replacement part which hopefully won’t be awful difficult (found one on and one other Danish site).

But I’m having no luck finding instructions on how to remove the old cylinder.

At very least I want to remove the old one so my bike doesn’t accidentally get locked up.

Or is a better bet to find a lock smith and have them make/jerry rig new keys for the existing one?

Thoughts advice or help?

Thanks all!

Edit: located in Germany

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Advice for Multifamily Mechanical Door Locks : Locksmith

Hi r/locksmith, I’m landlord in the Pacific Northwest and I’m looking to replace my community common access doors with a mechanical door lock. I’m learning towards a Simplex 5021 with a lever (instead of knob).

I’m thinking of securing the following areas that are currently secured with a key.

  • Laundry Room

  • Storage Room

  • Garbage Room

What do you think? Is this overkill?

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Hello r/Locksmith – Advice please! : Locksmith

I got an old medication cart from a nursing home that was closing down a while back to use as a rolling tool chest. It works great and I love it. However, because it was a med cart, it has a lock on it. I would like to get a duplicate of the key made so I don’t accidentally lock my tools in forever. The problem is that the key is stamped “Duplication Prohibited”. Any advice? Thank you Reddit!



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Advice For Getting A Job As A Locksmith : Locksmith


Like many others the pandemic has left me looking for a new job. I thought this was a great opportunity to delve deeper into the world of locksmithing. It’s a complex, skilled trade that I feel I can learn more than I can imagine the further i explore. I have experience with lockouts and general entry way trouble shooting (previously I worked on site operations for music festivals that generally meant opening trailer/dressing room doors and padlocks…primarily by non destructive means) but was wondering if there are any certifications or programs I should look into or research that would make me stand out as a candidate in a job hunt.

Any advice or resources that could help me learn more would be greatly appreciated! So far a lot of my attention has been on identifying types of locks and how the mechanisms work, YouTube videos, and rekeying practice locks purchased off eBay.

As locksmiths, what do you look for in a new hire? What would make you take a new person on even if your company wasn’t looking to hire anyone new? Are there indicators I should look out for or avoid when I am searching for area businesses?

Again, thank you for your time and comments! I appreciate and am open to all ideas.

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Advice for opening an antique steamer trunk lock? : Locksmith

Apologies if this question is off-base for the community. I’m looking for some advice on how to open a locked antique trunk since the key has been lost.

This trunk has been in my family since my great-grandmother used it in the 1800s. I had the key to it until recently when it was misplaced. Not the end of the world since there’s nothing in the trunk. But I’d like to open the lock so I can at least leave the trunk unlocked.

Here are two photos of the lock. My next step would be to contact a local locksmith (once the pandemic is over), but I wonder first whether it might be an easy one to learn how to open myself since it’s an old one.

Any advice or links to resources would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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Advice on High Quality Pick Guns (Manual & Electric) : Locksmith

I’m looking for the highest quality pick guns and I was wondering everyone’s thoughts. Evaluating categories might include:

Since this is about highest quality, price is not a category.

If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your thoughts/experiences on any of the pick guns below. Also, if you notice that I’m missing any good ones on the lists below, please let me know and I’ll add them!

Manual Guns:

Electric Guns:

Thanks in advance!!

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Non-Schlage, non-Kwikset keyways lock advice wanted : Locksmith

Probably not the correct subreddit for this, so I apologize in advance.

I’m looking to replace an interior lock with something that uses neither a Schlage nor a kwikset blank. I’m on a tight budget, so under $100 preferred, It just needs to be non-skilled adult resistant, and not open if someone keeps turning the knob repeatedly, nor open with the incorrect key. And since most of the locks (and as a result, keys) here are either Schlage or Kwikset, I’m looking for something reasonably cheap that I can replace an existing Schlage knob with.

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Locked in, advice please? Deadbolt seems like it’s disengaged, but door won’t open. : Locksmith

looks like the bolt is not fully retracted. theres probably a small cutout/clearancing on the “hinge side” of that hole, that the end of the deadbolt slides into, and the whole assemble is now bent so its not lining up and cant fully retract. either do something about that, or just break out whats left and try pullng it out that way… also can u just open the other door? its probably got some latch bolts on the top or bottom, but the deadbolt is probably retracted enough that if u undo the other door and open them both at the same time, itll probably just open so u can remove the deadbolt. but man, have a locksmith install the new one if you live here. you always want a professional to ensure your locks that you trust for your safety are installed properly… so this doesnt happen again….

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