Questions regarding my apartment deadbolt keyway. Any help is appreciated. : Locksmith

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Buy a new Kwikset deadbolt from your local locksmith, bring your existing key so they can re-pin the new one to your existing key if you want.

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anyone able to identify this lock? [London, UK] it’s the roof door in our apartment we bought 5 years ago but never had the key 🧐lockdownhas me curious and couldn’t find anything on google 🤔 : Locksmith

would rather find the company and ask them to send a replacement key tbh given i’m out of work atm and locksmith prices here aren’t the most affordable. besides this isn’t a pressing issue, hence why i thought someone might be able to identify 😌

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Replacing Apartment Mailbox Keys : Locksmith

I sell mailbox locks to property management companies all week long. Pretty sure these are for when they are getting the apartments changed over for a new renter though. I have gone and replaced mailbox locks for various customers as well, for me, the customer and not their landlord covered the bill. Hard to say whose responsibility it is, but I would say yours though since you lost the keys. It’s a really straightforward job, so it shouldn’t take more than half an hour for a competent locksmith. I think the last one I did, the bill came out to around $100 (service call, lock, and labor).

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This apartment rekey on an undocumented master system feels like a trap : Locksmith

I just got a call for an apartment building. they have a tenant that wants her lock changed “Someone keeps breaking in” (yeah my first one of these) asking for more information they have a master system with master, GM and operating keys. They’re on everest, it looks like 7pin the apartments are LFIC except the front outer door. They don’t have any contact for whoever installed it, but they have the M, GM, Control and all the operating keys. . . . I feel like I may have to document their whole system just to change 1 lock. It’ll be a great learning experience, but holy fuck me! 24 apartments and 1 outer door. Do I read all the keys, record into a master sheet, eyeball the lot and guess a new apartment biting and match the master? . . I’m excited for the opportunity, but also curious of their budget for a single apartment rekey. it’s going to take hours to document everything.

The previous maintenance man had some code written down. it’s stamped into the GM key and doesn’t match the bitting. I’m guessing it’s a blind code, or file reference for whoever set it up.

Aaand digging a bit more, it’s a senior living facility. I may just drive out for a consult and get a little better scope of their actual need, maintenance staff and the likes.

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Looking for a small safe/lock box for my apartment

I thought I would get something like the AmazonBasics Portable Security Safe ( I only intend to keep my passwords, keys and old credit cards in there. I thought a combination lock would be preferable to keys as I might lose the keys.

I don't want to buy a big safe as I am a renter who may be moving soon. I will keep it in my closet hidden in my file box.

I am open to any suggestions.

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Suggestions for small apartment building front door lock with guest codes and no wifi? : Locksmith

Greetings, oh wise and benevolent experts –

We’re a small apartment building with 4 units. The building’s always had a keyed deadbolt lever handle at the entrance that’s prevented us from having to-door deliveries.

Well, it’s Covid-19 Times and myself and some neighbouring units will be working from home until at least the fall and will need deliveries from work (and food-take out – I can’t stand my own cooking anymore… ).

Building owner is happy to change the lock since I’ll be paying for it but I’m getting confused by the choices and he’d like me to provide him the lock brand/model choices before the next step.

Perfect scenario:

  • lock with keys and keypad

  • automatically locks when we leave the building

  • ability to either have one-time-use guest codes generated or is easy to generate a guest code

Since I’ll be the primary using of the guest codes, I don’t mind changing it bi-weekly/monthly from my desktop or cellphone and then just posting the code in our laundry room if the neighbours even need it.

We don’t have a monitored security system in the building or can dedicate wifi for the lock. I can use my cellphone’s bluetooth or hotspot if I’m near the lock but that’s about it.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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Apartment Fob Not Reading : Locksmith

Not sure if this question belongs here, but I’ll take a shot.

My apartment fob controls the parking gate, elevator entry to the floor, entry doors. Recently put in a new battery and I can click it to activate the parking gate.

Today, I swipe the fob in front of the reader to enter the building, I swipe it in front of the reader to get access to my floor. Works just fine.

Half hour later, I head back down toy car. Fob not working. The fob reader in the elevator doesn’t detect it. Eventually, kind neighbor swipes me to my car. I hope that the fob works now…it doesn’t. Tried to swipe it half dozen more times… eventually the reader detects the fob and it works. Unbeknownst to me why. I tried both elevators in my building and the door, and they all failed initially. So I know the problem was my fob, not the readers.

Dear community, any ideas what my fob’s problem was and how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

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