looking for good residential grade door closer with hold open arm : Locksmith

We have garage entry door that I want to top jamb mount a door closer to prevent loud heavy slams and prop open at 90degrees when loading groceries etc. Budget $150-250.

I’m weary of all the generic chinese junk on Amazon, so I’m looking for an actual part number reference from the pros. LCN looks like the gold standard but I think is overkill for my residential need. Stanley D1610? General lock? Any pointers on part numbers?

Also would appreciate a little help in how to buy them – the good stuff doesn’t seem easily accessible on amazon..? Maybe i’m wrong. I’ve seen sites like Anixter mentioned but seems involved like i need a quote/PO/make a phone call to purchase.


I ended up getting the Stanley D-1610PH 689 for $140 shipped since the top jamb would probably ram into my garage door rail.

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Not a locksmith. Have an old treadlock safe with a group 2 lock. Unbranded with a bulldog face on the dial. Over the last few months it’s been having trouble opening and getting progressively worse. Seems the arm is hanging up and not dropping down into the wheel after the combo. Fix or replace? : Locksmith

Yeah, I lubed it up hoping it would help but no change. The more I play with it, the more it seems my second combination stop has drifted. The wheels aren’t exactly lined up and if I put a pin into the through hole it seems to drop as I wiggle it through the center wheel. Please excuse my terminology. I’m not a locksmith but am a mechanic. I have a pretty good idea of how it’s working just not familiar with the details.

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Storefront Door – Center Hung Side Load Arm

Hi Reddit Locksmith folks!

I’m trying to replace a storefront door which is a Center Hung Side Load Arm which is pretty old.

I’m trying to identify a place online or the name of the type of door that uses this as eventually i’ll need to replace it but dont know what to search for.

This is the Center Hung Side Load Arm that is used:


Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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