ASSA M90 vs Schlage B560? : Locksmith

I appreciate any input and your time. I’ve been selecting a new deadbolt and have narrowed it down to the ASSA M90 and the Schlage B560. I’m not planning on a fancy cylinder, a ASSA maximum+ restricted or a Schlage Everest. From looking at the catalogs these seem pretty equivalent, but I haven’t found much literature on the M90. How do they compare? Thank you!

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Hey folks, bought the wrong sided lock and didn’t realise, is there any way to reverse the catch or should I take it back to the shop? Cheers!(uk, assa abloy union ) : Locksmith

Take a photo of your whole lock body. Chances are it’s reversible.

And I just saw your post on r/woodworking. 😳

When people tell us we’re too expensive, this is the kind of shit I point them towards. 5 hours later you have cheap shit hinges, a cheap shit lock (at a second attempt) and enormous gaps around the door after you attacked it with a plane for no reason. Alternatively, you could have had a locksmith open it for you with no/minimal damage for about £75-100.

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