New automotive locksmith pricing : Locksmith

Hey guys, so I just got my locksmith business up and going after about 4 months or so of practice, research and obtaining equipment and supplies, so far it’s been going, I’ve done around 15 vehicles since Monday. My only issue is I’m not to confident with pricing, something I’ve done in the past was calling another place and asking them a price so then I could compare, but sometimes I’m being asked on the spot, so I’m wanting to know what you guys use as a reference for pricing?

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Automotive Locksmith Communities : Locksmith

Hi, Everyone. I’m brand new to reddit and was pleasantly surprised to learn of communities of people interested in the art and science of locksmithing and its practice.

Having recently received my certification, I currently work primarily in the automotive realm of our field. That is, my call volume consists primarily of car door unlockings, key coding, key generation, and programming. I do occasionally perform services for customers who require residential/commercial openings, hardware installations, or access control services. I dabble in roadside assistance services like tire changes and jump starts as well with my employer.

My question, then, for all the more well-established redditers in this community is as follows: “Are there any communities whose focuses rest primarily in this line of work?”. If so, since admittedly I am still a bit green behind the ears with respect to my career in development and reddit alike, where should I look for community with other automotive locksmith professionals? I, for all my searching, have not found such a group. If not, would anyone here be interested in starting a community devoted specifically to a running discourse on the betterment of the trade through shared ideas and techniques, along with some funny, relatable content/memes?

I apologize for the lack of brevity on my part, but I’ve come to realize the importance of a strong professional network in this field, since it is among the most rapidly evolving professions, due in large part to increasingly secure systems being adopted by automotive manufacturers. In addition, I have learned recently of significant discrepancies between the responsibilities taken on by, for example, European and U.S. automotive locksmiths.

If you read this, I appreciate your time and consideration. Let me know what you guys think!!

Happy Picking!

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Economical automotive key duplicator and also an economical programmer? : Locksmith

Well boys, I’m tired of being treated like shit and I told my boss to stuff it. Starting a new Locksmith job tomorrow. This is just for the now, I’m planning on going out on my own. Need advice for most affordable duplicating machine that isn’t total crap. I’ll use depth keys for code work for now. Need a programmer too. Any advice?

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Where to start with becoming an automotive locksmith : Locksmith

I’m interested in starting a mobile automotive locksmith business. I’m competent in the business side of things, website design and social media, accounting, but I only have an interest in the technical side of things but not any experience. Looking in my area I see an opportunity. I think I could out-compete the other people because they have no online presence. What is a good way to get some training, can I do it online cheaply or on my own? How do I get the hands-on experience, just start doing it? What are the bare minimum tools I will need and what do you think the costs will be. I already have a good hybrid SUV so that will help.

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