Grandfathers Microscope that I haven’t seen in 30 years. I think this is the key. It has a bit of spring when it turns, but won’t open. Bad mechanism, bad key… who knows. Need some guidance, so I can share it with my kid as my parents did with me. I do have a 3d printer… just sayin. : Locksmith

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I tried all locations with it… doesnt seem to make a difference. I did notice that the little metal piece that the key goes over is loose and wiggles. I was wondering if that can be tightened and could cause a problem?

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So I’m makeing the mästermyr chest lock I wanted to see what lock makers think since I took these I’ve moved the runner on the 45 to the same place as the one on the left to try eage of the slider as it was not moving at all where I hade it . Anyway please let me know how good and or bad it is

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Master (brand) wafer pliers – where to cop these bad boys? : Locksmith

The shop has had this set for years, and boss man remembers possibly getting them from a Master rep, but I have had zero luck finding these to buy for myself. They make getting the wafers out of cam locks a dream, especially nice when I can’t order a bunch KA for commercial jobs and I have to swap wafers around manually.

If these are no longer made, can any of you recommend some other tool to make pulling cam lock wafers any easier? I find that the “pull on it with needlenose” or “put a slotted screwdriver underneath the wafer and tap the housing with a hammer” methods make me destroy wafers more often, and my CompX wafer kit is way unbalanced as it is.

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Can I make a bad key copy work? : Locksmith

I’m subleasing an apartment and lost my key yesterday. My roommate lent me her key (which is a copy of the original) and I got a copy of that from the hardware store. My copy isn’t working. The only roommate with the original key is in another state waiting out COVID-19, and the landlord will make me pay $40 for a new key. Can I “wear down” this copy or something to make it work?

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