Does anyone know where I can find a Auxiliary Remote Battery Pack? : Locksmith

My sentrysafe has run out of battery and I’ve lost the back up key and auxiliary Remote Battery Pack.

In the manual it says you can plug this battery pack in to temporarily get power to the safe to open it. From there I can change the batteries internally.

I’m in the process of speaking to sentry safe but they are based in the US and I’m in the UK so was hoping there is a different word for this device and can be ordered easily in the UK.

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Please help identify this door lock. I need to know how to change the battery. : Locksmith

The battery is dead in the door lock to my townhome complex’s community garage. I don’t know what kind of lock it is, because there are no markings. There is a rubber access cover on the bottom of the outside part, but I can’t tell whether there’s an allen or phillips screw or what recessed in there.

I need to know either what the make and model are and/or how to remove that cover to change the battery. Thanks in advance.

r/Locksmith - Please help identify this door lock. I need to know how to change the battery.

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Does battery brand matter when opening safe? : Locksmith

My father passed away recently. He has a safe in his room I’ve been trying to open. I got ahold of Sentry customer support who told me I need to use a Duracell battery instead of off brand battery or it won’t be enough juice to open it. It’s an all digital S0500 model there is no key. Have any of you ever heard of this before? I’m on mandatory quarantine so I can’t just run out and buy a Duracell battery just wondering if this is true. I definitely have the right code I’m getting a green proceed light. Thank you

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