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I’m looking for advice, since I can’t seem to find a good site that lets me sort locks by these features, and was hoping your expertise might point me in the right direction:

I’m looking for a lock that we can use to replace these deadbolts and door handles in our building. The fire code apparently requires them to be ‘communicating’, so that you could exit just by pushing the door handle, and would not need to separately open the deadbolt. I also need the lock to have a keypad, and preferably Bluetooth capability, so that it’s more in line with current expectations of the residents.

Are there any lock/handle sets out there that:

  • Communicate

  • Have a keypad

  • Have Bluetooth

  • Still have a deadbolt (some of the bluetooth ones I looked at would fit, and would cover the hole, but there would no longer be a deadbolt)

  • Would require minimal modification to the existing lock (so leave no open holes and require no or minimal new drilling)

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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