Why does this only have 1 bolt? : Locksmith

Negative this one has on throughbolt and another is like a compression rivet or something weird like that. What OP does not know is that there is little point to even installing these as the frames on aluminum storefronts are shit. The only time it make sense is if they have an AR deadlatch which should never be used by itself. Any hookbolt or straight bolt is basically impossible to cut with non power tools. The other issue is that OP needs shitloads of different sizes as storefronts all have weird positioning of the doors, some are flush and many are recessed. The latch guard game in this particular sector is a lost cause and ultimately not worth the time and effort. However the latch guard on a hollow metal door is a great market because you can get the big guard that is one size fits all for any cylindrical or mortise.

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Housesitter pushed the buttons under the bolt on the edge of the door and locked herself out. Help?! Our pets need feeding! : Locksmith

This is our house, and the housesitter has a key that works, but the lock was sticky so yesterday when she left she pushed the little brass buttons that are on the edge of the door under the bolt thinking that this was an easier way to engage the lock. I had the door re-keyed a few months ago and I have a hazy memory of the locksmith showing me those buttons and saying DON’T PUSH THEM or you’ll get locked out! And then he showed me some way of turning the key and depressing the lever in some way that would disengage the buttons…but of course I can’t remember now.

We are not able to get back home til Monday and we have birds that need feeding. Can anyone here tell me how to tell her to get back in? I don’t even know if WE can get back in at this point. It would be great not to have to call a locksmith to meet us at our house to drill the lock out. We would be eternally grateful for any help!

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Vintage Front Door Bolt Lock ID help : Locksmith

This is the lock on my front door. The house was built in the 1960s and I’m pretty sure this is the original door and lock that was installed. There are no identifiers stamped on it, so I have no idea about who the manufacturer may be nor a serial number to use in my [currently] fruitless search for such info.

My goal is to self-service this lock: the bolts don’t spring down with the same force they did even a year ago (it takes multiple hard presses against the plate to get them secured) and the ball&spring in the frame exploded outwards a month ago because the washer that kept them in place worn down too much and the pressure was too much for it.

I could/should probably call a local locksmith but I’d rather try my hand at it first and if I fail, then find someone and be able to supply more information about it than “it’s an old lock, see photos.”

EDIT: SOLVED Ideal Superguard Lock II

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