Need help on bought ABS avocet lock (Amazon) : Locksmith

I bought a set of ABS euro cylinders off Amazon for my front and back door and when I opened the box one of these pins fell out.

I’m not familiar with these types of locks but to be on the side of caution I’m just checking it’s not a missing pin and hopefully just something that found it’s way into the packaging from the assembly process.

The lock works fine and I’m probably stupid from making this post.

Note the picture is not my lock just for reference on the pin.

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Inherited (empty) glass curio cabinet, key hidden by relatives, bought skeleton keys on Amazon, found one that “fit” (unsure of forced) and was able to turn, but now cannot get it to turn and come out. : Locksmith

Oh, I know. It’s not my piece. Keys from Amazon were already here when I arrived. And because of the construction of this one, recovering from a back injury, and knowing how we would have to transport it, it just makes me nervous it will break in my hands.

Was pretty upset she had jammed a key in a lock I had already suggested was probably broken.

I’ll have her make an appointment to a locksmith. Thanks.

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anyone able to identify this lock? [London, UK] it’s the roof door in our apartment we bought 5 years ago but never had the key 🧐lockdownhas me curious and couldn’t find anything on google 🤔 : Locksmith

would rather find the company and ask them to send a replacement key tbh given i’m out of work atm and locksmith prices here aren’t the most affordable. besides this isn’t a pressing issue, hence why i thought someone might be able to identify 😌

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Hey folks, bought the wrong sided lock and didn’t realise, is there any way to reverse the catch or should I take it back to the shop? Cheers!(uk, assa abloy union ) : Locksmith

Take a photo of your whole lock body. Chances are it’s reversible.

And I just saw your post on r/woodworking. 😳

When people tell us we’re too expensive, this is the kind of shit I point them towards. 5 hours later you have cheap shit hinges, a cheap shit lock (at a second attempt) and enormous gaps around the door after you attacked it with a plane for no reason. Alternatively, you could have had a locksmith open it for you with no/minimal damage for about £75-100.

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What is this plate called (circled) and where can I get one (UK)? Lost when changing the cylinder, bought new handles, but did not get new plate. UPVC door with euro cylinder : Locksmith

I moved into a new house and decided to change the cylinders, I managed to lose this plate on one of the doors. The door still locks, but it’s a bit of a trick to it and I don’t think it’s as secure. I bought new handles thinking I might get a new plate with this, but no. It’s a uPVC door with euro cylinders in the UK if that makes any difference. Thanks!

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Just bought a house with an August Smart lock, and the key turns the lock forever without unlocking the deadbolt? : Locksmith

Hi guys–I’m having a hard time finding a solution online, since most support is for sticky keys and is for issues that can be solved with WD-40. I’ve just bought a home and the previous owners had an August Smart Lock on the deadbolt (which they left for me). It works fine from inside and effectively locks the deadbolt, but when taking the key to the outside, the key will spin forever in the lock without unlocking the door. Because this key is good for all the locks (garage, door handle lock, patio), I’d prefer not to replace all the locks, but I”m wondering if this is familiar to someone here who can help me learn how to fix it? Relying just on the smart lock and garage door opener makes me a little nervous vs. having a physical key I can unlock my door with. Thanks!

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Another farmhouse job. I did one of these today. The customer wanted to keep the integrity of ‘this old house’ and bought this kit. All in all it wasn’t a direct drop in replace ment so I had to fill some holes and drill some new. The lock is solid but the screws could have been thicker and longer.

Another farmhouse job. I did one of these today. The customer wanted to keep the integrity of 'this old house' and bought this kit. All in all it wasn't a direct drop in replace ment so I had to fill some holes and drill some new. The lock is solid but the screws could have been thicker and longer. submitted by /u/jacobnbr1

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Anyone know what pin kit I just bought? 2 different diameters of pins but some I have not seen before. Reminds me of universal pins by master : Locksmith

The split pins do resemble spool pins but are actually cut so deep that they are designed to break into 2 pieces. I imagine the lock would be top-loaded with a key inserted and then by turning the key you are able to break the shear line and have a key pin and driver pin in each cylinder.

The real security pins i found were 4 or 5 driver pins that are T-pins but the wide part of the pin has 1 or 2 serrations on the drivers. Also I still have no idea about the 3 skinny silver pins that look like “Pop Rivets” if you have seen those before

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