Hi, can anyone advise me on which brand and style of lock this is in order to replace it. It’s not an emergency so I can’t call someone out due to covid restrictions. My pet gets into the kitchen when I’m cooking. All the doors have this lock but when I moved in i was told they never kept the keys! : Locksmith

It’s a Union Mortice lock. Google that and can find what you’re looking for. Better yet, just get a locksmith to make a key for the current lock. Most states field service locksmiths have been considered essential the whole way thru this. Mask and PPE is standard issue now days.

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Tailpiece for sfic in Best brand lever handles?? : Locksmith

A customer bought a building with a bunch of Best lever handles installed. The previous owner pulled all the cores when they moved out and took the tailpieces (throw members) with them. I need to put in new cores but I need to find replacement tailpieces. I’m looking online and it seems everyone has a different style for sale (like this at CLK or this one). I don’t want to show up with the wrong ones. I’m installing 6 pin cores. Any help?

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Best IC Core brand question.. to my knowledge all best brand IC cores are engraved/stamped with “BEST” on the face.. Am I wrong about this or is somebody trying to pass around off brand locks? : Locksmith

I think the good brand ones have their names on them, Best, Schlage, etc.. It’s the more generic brands that don’t have any markings, like General Lock, KSP, etc.. Could be wrong, hard to say, there probably are minute differences between them that a real lock sleuth could figure out. Some people want to pay the premium for the brands, others dont. Some people try to pass the unbranded stuff off as the “real deal” though I’m sure.

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