What part in the lock does solid brass mortise cylinder connect to? : Locksmith

The cam, the thing screwed onto the back of the cylinder rotates when key is turned and triggers a mechanism just below the hole you would screw the mortise cylinder into. Assuming this is the exact cam you have on your cylinder, then you have an adams rite lock body. If you put the cylinder in and it works the lock, then the lock body is working.

So to answer your question if you wanna DIY, get the cylinder first and install. If it works, great. If it doesnt work, then you know the lock body isnt working like it should and you should call a locksmith.

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I need a brass key, exactly like the attached sketch, can anyone help? : Locksmith

As weird as it might sound, I need an old school brass key exactly like the one on the sketch. The most important parts are the top (almost round with the small ‘arrow’ part) and the two ‘prongs’, one a plain rectangle, and one slanted and pointy. Any help would be appreciated! Willing to pay for shipping and manufacturing if needed 🙂 I’m in the US

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