Larson Screen Door handle mechanism broke in door. Door will not open. : Locksmith

The mechanism that appears to move the latch on my backyard screen door appears to be broken. Whenever I move the door handle it moves about 1/3 of it’s full extension. I took the door handle apart thinking I’d be able to jimmy it open, but it wont budge. There are no interior hinges that I can remove. They’re actually on the outside, but they’re behind a metal panel that’s inaccessible.

I’m really not sure how I can get this open without breaking the door down. does anyone know how I can get this open? Here’s some photos:

I think this is the door handle:

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My 2008 Ford Focus key broke. Can I still use the chip portion with a newly cut key? : Locksmith

Yes, that will work
When I was in highschool I broke the key to my old jeep wrangler and couldn’t afford a new chip key so I glued the chip portion to the inside of the steering column and used a non chip key to start and drive it. I also wired a kill switch so it wasn’t super easy to steal

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