These two locks are both keyed the same. This morning, we can’t unlock the bottom one. All of us with a key have tried it, but no go. We’ve tried jiggling the key a bunch in all directions but no help. What else can we try to get it to work? : Locksmith

If the key isn’t turning the cylinder, yeah have a locksmith Blume lunch you out some “original keys”. Not a copy of a copy of a copy.

If the key is turning the cylinder but that latch isn’t retracting try this.

Well you could grab a small pokey tool about the size of a pin head.

Take the key and turn it to the 3 O’clock position. Leave the key at that position, at the same time notice the little bitty hole either to the right or left and behind your knob. There’s a spring catch in there, depress it while pulling your knob off the spindle.

After that take a #2 flat head, a butter knife, some flat small strong something. Look through the “spindle” locate the rectangular cutout and attempt to manual engage the match by rotating they flat head to the 9 O’Clock position. If the match doesn’t retract well, it could be a bunch of things. Best of luck.

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