Looking to identify these locks and where to buy. : Locksmith

I have two pictures of two locks I have, the first is a dovetail mortise type lock, the other is a bigger Victorian mortise lock that nails into the dresser drawer. i have two of the Victorian locks and I believe 3 of the dovetail locks that are missing the center piece, a locksmith had told me with that knob missing the drawer would lock but not unlock so he would not give me the key for the working locks, and told me replacing them would damage the drawer when i very easily removed them from both pieces with zero damage. any advice is appreciated.

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Where to buy the “good” Schlage handle/deadbolts? : Locksmith

I went to a local locksmith to ask about rekeying a house, and just want to compare the prices on what they are selling.

They bragged that the stuff they had is much better quality than what would be found at Hone Depot or the likes.

Where can someone find these products? I’m typically a DIYer, and feel replacing a knob is within my scope. What is not, is figuring out the mortise I will be posting later for you all, so I’ll still be using them most likely for that.

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Before you buy a Medeco deadbolt : Locksmith

That’s one of the joys of a civil service job. Before I got this job, I hated being called to replace a lock for the tenant of a slumlord, telling her she should get the landlord to replace both the shattered door and the split wood in the door frame, and hearing her say, “Oh he would never do that! He lives a thousand miles away and never pays for repairs.”

Later she invites me to sit at her kitchen table while she writes me a check, and I see her cupboard filled with cans of dog food and she has no pets.

Some people need a social services lawyer, not a locksmith.

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We just moved into our office and want keyless entry with fob or key card (not a keypad). Does anybody make a key card reader that you can just replace this current deadbolt with without screwing new holes (property manager wants to be able to revert easily). What do I buy? : Locksmith

The short answer is no.

You really need a competent locksmith to come talk with you about your options. Search online for locksmiths who advertise commercial work. Most importantly, read the reviews from other customers. Also, if he comes out and you don’t like him, maybe he’s rude, or feel that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, call someone else. A novice or incompetent locksmith can really screw this up. If you can locate a city or regional locksmith association and get recommendations from them, you’ll be way ahead. An example would be the Greater Houston Locksmith Assoc.

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Buy or not to buy? VVDI Key Tool MAX : Locksmith

Anyone familiar VVDI Key Tool MAX, Is this a good tool to have I’m able to purchase one for $250? Been a while since I had to buy any Automotive key equipment. Currently I have a Duracell system that the old hardware store had but I’ve gotta use Duracell keys and keys fob. I’m looking at this to ditch what I have currently. Also I don’t do lost keys yet but am thinking about slowly building into this side since where I’m moving to slash retiring to doesn’t have a Locksmith within 50 miles of there. Might go back to to store front again. So I have a place to go and drink coffee while being retired but also active. Please pro’s and con’s wanted….

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