In California, can you install a DOORKNOB for the back door of a commercial building? : Locksmith

I live in Orange County to be specific and just re-keyed my friend’s new warehouse. There were 3 doors in the back and all 3 had a set of lever and deadbolt. One of the lever was falling apart and old so I replaced it with a commercial grade entry doorknob I had and it fit fine. There is an exit sign in the back. After I got home, I started to worry about regulations and such. Is it ok to have a doorknob for the back of the building?

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California shut down is going to cause some problems : Locksmith

Just got a call from a customer today to get an update on an Emtek order he placed (bunch of side side dummies for renovation) yesterday….

I guess emtek right now is considering themselves “Essential” and remain open fulfilling orders but I’m sure in the next few days they will be closed.

Told the dude, he is either going to be last one out the door or 1st one put on hold… Could be a while.

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California Institute of Locksmithing : Locksmith

So I just started night time classes at CIL and wanted to see if anyone in this sub has any thoughts/opinions on this school. It’s a 15 week class with hands on experience. I looked around for an apprenticeship but couldn’t find anything. I really like taking locks apart and figuring how they work and putting them back together. I just hope I made the right decision starting this school to learn locksmithing. Thanks


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