Hi, need advice on what type of lock to use for door to balcony. It’s just a regular door, not sliding door. We had many cases where our tenants are locked out at balcony. Any fool proof way to prevent this from happening? : Locksmith

Hi, need advice

Call a locksmith.

Explain to locksmith.

Pay locksmith to do locksmith things.

It’s just a regular door, not a sliding door

This locksmith recommends just a regular lock not a sliding door lock.

Any foolproof way to prevent this from happening?

Remove the door.

Keep a hungry bear on the balcony. I bet the tenants won’t ever use it.

Evict your tenants.

Burn the building down.

Create an elaborate plot in which you gradually feed high quality intelligence to the security services about a foreign government using a nearby building to train terrorists. Ensure that it’s a building that can only be seen from your balcony. The security services will commandere use of your apartment for surveillance and your tenants will no longer get locked on the balcony. The feds might though, so best go with the bear.

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