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Sorry if these threads come up time to time… I am a 33M and am bored to death of my office job and want/ need a career change. I have been considering training to become a locksmith for a few months now and would like to set up my local own business eventually. I am very well connected in the property market locally and should be able to get set up a good network of client contacts in theory.

But as a 33 year old – is it too late for me to train up and move into this profession?

I like the idea if working independently and just being direct one to one with my clients. I’d be happy to take a low salary to get experience for the first couple of years, if that’s what it takes. It seems you need years and years of good experience to be a competent locksmith working alone?

Would you put up with training a 33 year old?

Also – is locksmithing particularly onerous on the back and body in anyway? Do you find you get a lot of back problems from this line of work?

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I need help please. Is it possible to change this entire mechanism out on this garage door? I believe someone stole my key today because I left it on the lock by accident like an idiot. : Locksmith

It is a wafer lock, we typically call the device a T-handle. Sometimes you might have a retaining wafer, usually this stuff is just sealed at the factory and a replacement is more economical.

The T-handle could be held in place by screws from inside the door, or rivets.

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