Can the creation of a new master key (with a chip) cause the valet key to stop working? : Locksmith

I had a new master key made and it works great. However, my valet key did stop working shortly after (the car will turn over but not start). It does have some corrosion on it, so the key could just be broken, but the weird thing is that my automatic start won’t work either now.

Could the locksmith have reset the “code” to start the car and now my other keys are ‘wrong’?

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Japanese import key chip frequency : Locksmith

Hi everyone, I’m hoping this is the best place to ask.

I’ve just got myself keys cut for 2003 Honda using the code from the door lock barrel

it’s a Japanese import, so I’m pretty sure the frequency used is different to cars in the United Kingdom.

I’m hoping somebody can help with what frequency chips I need to put in my new keys so I can get them coded.

Would an auto locksmith be able to tell me what frequency chips I would need ?

Thank in advance

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My 2008 Ford Focus key broke. Can I still use the chip portion with a newly cut key? : Locksmith

Yes, that will work
When I was in highschool I broke the key to my old jeep wrangler and couldn’t afford a new chip key so I glued the chip portion to the inside of the steering column and used a non chip key to start and drive it. I also wired a kill switch so it wasn’t super easy to steal

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