resetting Schlage 489WB without factory code : Locksmith

So I have one of these, left from previous owners.

The factory code on the inside is missing (i guess peeled off for “safety” purposes) and before i throw it away, is there a way of resetting it via the app WITHOUT the QR code/factory PINs.

There is a smaller QR code and some alphanumeric stuff on the inside but none of these work.

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Trying to figure out what brand/blank this key is. Was thrown on a system I did not design, and I don’t have all that much experience. Appears to be old, which is why I’m trying to replace it. Very worn out. Covered up bitting code : Locksmith

This is not Corbin. 59C2 is a Z class keyway and did not have a cloverleaf bow. Corbin X class had the cloverleaf bow, but they have milled grooves that are equilateral triangles and at least one square. Furthermore, all Corbin X class keys have the tip point in the centre of the blade, not lower like this one.

The closest I can imagine this is to be an antique Yale, but I really doubt it.

EDIT : Can you post a picture of the face of a cylinder. That might help us identify it.

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A-Zum drawer lock – Recommendations on a code program to cut by code. : Locksmith

We checked codesonline and genericode2018 with no luck. I could find a similar key and code to use with our itl 9700 to make keys by hand or hand file, but every core will have to be removed and it will probably be cheaper to order new cores with keys by the end.

These have been out for many years now, and I’m surprised the codes haven’t been picked up yet.

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Combination padlock lockable without correct code being set? : Locksmith


I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a combination padlock, that you can lock without the correct code being set? In the sense you can lock a keyed padlock without the key, so that for example I could leave the padlock open for someone else to finish up with something and then just tell them to snap it closed when they were done. Could get a keyed lock, but my bunch is already too big and ideally don’t want to carry 2 bunches of keys around

Thanks in advance

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Hey locksmiths, how would i go about resetting the lock on my late grandfather’s briefcase? It’s a latch with a combination code which i don’t know. For sentimental reasons i’d love to be able to use it at work. Thanks in advance! : Locksmith

If you touch the lining of the case behind each catch you will probably feel a hole in the case hidden under the lining. Inside that hole should be a small button or lever. Once that button is pressed or lever moved you should be able to move the dials to a new combination. Release the lever and the new combination will be locked in.

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Lost keys to roof box, will any locksmith/key company be able to make replacements with this code? : Locksmith

To me that looks like a label that corresponds with some sort of architectural plan or drawing. It’s possible that several things in that building are keyed alike and the numbers mean something to that affect, but you’d need to have more information in order to go to a locksmith.

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