I need a bolt, or latch that locks when you close it. Combination or key is fine. : Locksmith

I want to make a double parcel mailbox that the mailman can put packages into, close the door and then it be locked until I get home.

Preferably both locks could have the same combination or key. We have multiple carriers in Japan that come at different times so that’s why I want two boxes. In Japan they generally won’t leave packages on the doorstep either.

I just don’t know what this kind of lock is called so I’m having trouble finding it. Mailboxes here are also about $300+ so I really would rather make it myself.

This is the general style I’m trying to replicate.


Thanks, I hope this is the right subreddit for this. If not, sorry.

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trying to manipulate a combination safe. made progress but got stuck. assistance required. : Locksmith

Just to clarify i am not a locksmith.

When putting all wheels to the left, i found a low point (most probably a gate) where my contact points closed in at the 68-71 area.

i then parked the first two wheels and only did the third, and the low point was still there, so i assumed the gate to the third wheel is somewhere at 68-71.

Currently having trouble finding ways to obtain the first two.

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Mutual Jewel vault combination wont unlock : Locksmith

Have the combination and when I dial it in I get the mechanism to stop turning the dial. However I still cant turn my lever to open the safe. Not sure what’s happening here and my instructions for my combination were essentially opposite of what was written (said Right 4x, left 3x etc… but what got the dial to stop rotating was Left 4x, Right 3x etc…)

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Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe? : Locksmith

A friend of mine has an old, and empty safe that was in her late parent’s basement. It’s locked open– if that’s the right way to describe it. Her mother left a piece of paper with the combination written down, but we can’t understand it. Any thoughts? (And yes the piece of paper she wrote it on is amusing — it’s an old ad for Mastercard — letting you know not to worry if you lose your card)

r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?
r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?

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Do you know of any complex combination based lock for a door? Something that is out of the ordinary that kind of feels like solving a puzzle. : Locksmith

I’m looking for a lock for my door that doesn’t need a key, but that it isn’t the traditional combination lock. I’m looking for something a bit more complex that requires multiple combinations or a bit of logic to actually open it. Do you guys know of anything?

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Combination padlock lockable without correct code being set? : Locksmith


I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a combination padlock, that you can lock without the correct code being set? In the sense you can lock a keyed padlock without the key, so that for example I could leave the padlock open for someone else to finish up with something and then just tell them to snap it closed when they were done. Could get a keyed lock, but my bunch is already too big and ideally don’t want to carry 2 bunches of keys around

Thanks in advance

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Hey locksmiths, how would i go about resetting the lock on my late grandfather’s briefcase? It’s a latch with a combination code which i don’t know. For sentimental reasons i’d love to be able to use it at work. Thanks in advance! : Locksmith

If you touch the lining of the case behind each catch you will probably feel a hole in the case hidden under the lining. Inside that hole should be a small button or lever. Once that button is pressed or lever moved you should be able to move the dials to a new combination. Release the lever and the new combination will be locked in.

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