Locksmith companies not letting techs use their own tools. : Locksmith

In California if they REQUIRE you to use your own tools, then they must pay you double minimum wage an hour. However, there is a way you can bypass this law by just giving your workers tools or by giving them shit tools, putting them on commission and then they themselves choose to use their own shit.

It is pretty fucked.

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Do Australian locksmith companies usually drug test before / during employment? : Locksmith

i’m gonna be guessing… that yes, i’m sure they will.

drug testing is about liability. if you don’t drug test, and your guy is a tweaker that steals from your customer, the customer can come back on the company and sue saying the company didn’t perform due diligence in screening their employees.

this is especially important for jobs with any degree of implicit trust or elevated access. such as medical care, in-home repair, being called to assist people unlock doors in remote locations.

if you’re being provided a company vehicle, you can nearly guarantee that there’ll be drug testing.

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