Is there any company that sells mortise hardware that takes a normal key? Want to keep this door original but also want to key it with the rest of the buildings master key system. : Locksmith

I am a locksmith, i cant find any supplier that carries a modern mortise lock that has a similar look and doesnt still take a skeleton key, just looking for a brand or supplier recommendation. I can also just retrofit a knob and deadbolt to it but i want to keep the original look.

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Lost keys to roof box, will any locksmith/key company be able to make replacements with this code? : Locksmith

To me that looks like a label that corresponds with some sort of architectural plan or drawing. It’s possible that several things in that building are keyed alike and the numbers mean something to that affect, but you’d need to have more information in order to go to a locksmith.

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Company Policies : Locksmith

Hello Everyone:

A few recent posts got me thinking about policies. What kind of policies do you have in your shop?

  • Do you have a dress code policy? I imagine shops with customer-facing operations want their employees to look snazzy.

  • Do you have a no-compete policy? I don’t like this type because it really hinders someone from finding a new/better job but I can see why a business would do that.

  • Do you have an employee conduct policy? If employees don’t know how to conduct themselves, they may act in an inappropriate manner that hurts relationships with customers.

  • Do you have a drug testing policy? Because we are part of the security industry, you would think this one would be a no-brainer. But what about states where things like marijuana are legal? Drug tests should keep most of the hard drug users out of the industry. It seems to me that enabling/teaching someone how to use locksmithing tools could really backfire if they are addicted to things like cocaine and meth. I had to take a pre-employment drug test.

  • Do you have a company vehicle policy? People with access to the shop’s vehicles really shouldn’t be doing things like going on road trips with them.

  • Do you have a tool policy? If the employee has their own tools, whatever, but what about company tools? What happens if someone loses a $200 drill?

  • Do you have a time card policy? Do you do paper time cards or do you use a program on the computer? If you use a program, which one is it? It seems that with paper time cards it would be really easy for someone to lie and essentially steal money from the company.

  • Do you have a one/two/three strike system? Meaning, are there certain actions that are grounds for immediate termination? Are there certain actions that get a verbal warning, a written warning, and then a final warning?

  • What other policies does your shop have?

I’ve been thinking about these things a lot recently. Probably a few of the things on the list above are more reminiscent of a corporate environment. When I got hired, I had to sign the typical new hire paperwork, but also a dress code policy, employee conduct policy, drug testing policy, and a company vehicle policy.

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The night i quit working for a shitty company (storytime) : Locksmith

Had a house lockout at 2am in mt dora florida about 3 years ago. She had a high secuirity lock i had to drill the deadbolt.i get in house.collect payment and leave…😌

I Hop in the car turn the corner and see 6-7 cop cars and hear a helicopter overhead….😯

“wtf somebody is in trouble!” Lol

“Pull over now!”

🤔Hmm now i see dogs…..

Oh…..wait… are yall here for me???? 🤔

Yes yes and yes…long story short i showed them all my stuff…They talked to the homeowner and i went off my way…they let me go no issues.😧

Needless to say if i see a patrol car now im stopping everything im doing regardless of place and setting and giving them my business card 😂

I quit the company because my boss wasn’t answering me, the office wasn’t answering me. I was just out there scared and alone. Making THEM money fuck that. Haven’t looked back since.

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