Is this lock “openable”? it was a lock with a broken shackle, I picked it twice very easily and once I removed the shackle I couldnt pick it anymore : Locksmith

context: sometime ago my parents lost the key and had to broken the lock to get out of home and used the broken lock to lock the door from inside, using only the shackle, then I picked it twice in like seconds, removed the broken shackle and let the broken shackle “locking” the door from inside, now, with no shackle, I cant pick it anymore

also, what is this “button” on the lock? I have 2 other locks from this brand and only this one have it

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anyone able to identify this lock? [London, UK] it’s the roof door in our apartment we bought 5 years ago but never had the key 🧐lockdownhas me curious and couldn’t find anything on google 🤔 : Locksmith

would rather find the company and ask them to send a replacement key tbh given i’m out of work atm and locksmith prices here aren’t the most affordable. besides this isn’t a pressing issue, hence why i thought someone might be able to identify 😌

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Locksmith came to a fellows house drunk last night couldn’t pick it decided to drill the key way because he couldn’t drill the bottom so I put one straight through on the horizon. : Locksmith

Didn’t help that he wanted to pay Friday when he initially called me and I said no, the other locksmith agreed to being paid Friday, he borrowed the money and called and explained he didn’t know what he was doing because he never had a locksmith before so I explained that he couldn’t pick it so he drilled it and wrongly, then he was amazed that I did it in a few minutes and passed the mess he made. Upside I only charged him £60 and I said I will just call it a barrel change because I felt bad that he got swindled by a drunk locksmith. It was also a night call out.

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