Orange County, CA Fires : Locksmith

Today was a complete shit show, here in OC, California we had a fucking huge brush/forest fire spread in the morning due to possible power issues with 70 mph winds. Last night the wind was howling, usually it gets windy over here around this time but this was something completely different. I had essentially all the assigned jobs in Orange County cancelled because they were either in the mandatory evacuation area or a few blocks down. As of right now there is 7200 acres of shit on fire and we have 0% containment.

In the afternoon, I was in Yorba Linda to pickup parts from Command Access and after leaving there was a massive pile up of traffic heading to the 91, so I took the backroad up the hill everyone else was going down, I could literally see a line of fucking fire approximately 2-3 miles away from Command Access. Within less than 10 minutes of leaving Command Access, Yorba Linda immediately went into mandatory evacuation.

Frankly it is a shit show and I am stressed out, not so much for my own business because we are far enough in an industrial area where I do not believe there is much, if any risk and business is fantastic. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 and now the Silverado fire, I sincerely feel for those effected.

This being said, I wish for safety all those effected by these events. Should there be any of our kind in the area that need help in the area, I will attempt to do what I can do help the situation.

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