These are a couple of the locks I get to work with on the daily. Or is it an ad for the Bravo III? : Locksmith

Close. RR Brink. And a prison. But I do have a few Folger Adam locks collecting dust in my garage at home. And actually a few RR Brink locks. Some that use mogul cylinders. Like the ones sitting there in the picture. I teach preventative maintenance to the local ALOA chapters in the states around me. For some reason my gas mileage goes down when I haul them around. I did post the inside of one a couple months ago.

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Could anyone give me a estimate for changing a couple locks? : Locksmith

Hi, I’m just looking what a reasonable quote (£££) would be for replacing a Euro cylinder lock, old cylinder is broken but still vaguely operational. Along with replacing 2 uPVC locks, key broken inside one of them, other just needs changing.

I’d usually do this work myself. However, I’m currently working away for the next couple of months. Any helps appreciated.

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[NEED ADVICE] So this afternoon I wanted to open my garage door and the key that normally opens this door doesn’t unlock the lock anymore. I have a couple keys and they all don’t work anymore, is there something I can do so it opens again or do I need to call a locksmith. Thanks in advance. : Locksmith

Honestly though, places for locksmiths and people that want to discuss unique locks are few and far inbetween. The more traffic this sub gets, the more people find it, and the more discussions we can have as a community. Some posts may get redundant but in the long run I think they’re helping as long as it’s not someone just saying “ay how do I get into this kwikset lock” I think it’s okay.

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