Possible to get a oil rub profile cylinder in kw1 with a thumbturn on it. Its for a hoppe lock system. i feel im going crazy looking for it. i wanna say they currently have the 90 degree one because they have a retaing pin where the thumb turn is. CES is the manufactue but again i cand find kw1


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Can anyone identify this key duplicator? ILCO 190km? When was it made? Any tips on restoring it. Motor still runs but vibrates like crazy. Also needs a new belt. Any help would be appreciated. : Locksmith

New motor is going to be a few hundred bucks. You’ll have to pull it totally to pieces and get the rust off with possibly some grinding/sanding which will throw off the balance of the spindles and wheels. It would be pointless to do it all and not re-plate it so that’s more time and money. As a fix it project I’d be all into it l, but for a reliable useable accurate key machine, likely not.

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Is this quote crazy for rekeying new home or am I just a newbie who doesn’t know any better? : Locksmith

Hello lock experts! First time homeowner and just closed on our home on Monday. I had a locksmith come out today and they quoted us nearly $900 to rekey the entire home! Yikes! I researched the average cost of rekeying a home before he arrived, and was expecting a number in the $200-$300 range, but maybe I drastically miscalculated?!

Here’s the breakdown of the job:

4 Kwikset deadbolts (one sided) – 1 Kwikset deadbolt (double sided) – 1 Schlage deadbolt (locksmith was going to replace with a new Kwikset so every door could be opened with the same Kwikset key). Time 2hrs (but he was charging me for 1hr because he was 5.5hrs late). Home is in CT.

The locksmith seemed like a super nice guy, but… $900?!

If that is normal, and I’m just having a bit of sticker shock, perhaps there is a better way to go about getting all these doors to have the same, but new key?

Thank you so much in advance for any and all advice!

(Edit: Gor my hours wrong and adding my location)

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Crazy woman attacks me while I was fitting a lock : Locksmith

Thought fellow smiths would appreciate this. This just happened this afternoon. Middle of the day in a nice suburb. I was taking photos of a lock I was installing on a customers front door. I hear something and see a barefooted lady half running towards the door talking to herself. She wedges herself between the open door (I had the bolt thrown in the deadbolt while open and random keys that didn’t work in the lock for the photo so couldn’t slam the door)

She starts yelling all this shit about me being an imposter and screaming “this is my religion! Do you know my religion!” My customer shoved her away after she stole the keys that was hanging out of the lock. She then grabbed a hold of a teenage boy (looked about 13) about 10 metres down the road and grabbed his dog by the neck. Me and the customer chased her off. Hour and a half later I’m driving away and she is 5 houses down, crawling up a random persons driveway screaming like something out of a fucking horror movie with one cop either side of her. At one point she flipped over on her back and was flailing like a turtle.

Most bizarre thing was it was a nice suburb at about 3pm. I’m having a couple of beers now and just settling myself down. Hopefully half the street want deadlocks fitted after this.

Iv seen some weird shit but this has to be the weirdest.

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Crazy locksmith stories : Locksmith

I have tons but ill give a recent one. Last week i was driving to the meat store with my kids…i. Saw. A guy approaching an old ladies pt cruiser with a fucking crowbar.

I stopped in the middle of the parking lot and opened the car for a little old lady that didn’t speak english. All i used was a airbag and my long grabber tool to grab the lock and unlock the car. Less than a minute i was back in my car with my kids and looked like a fucking super hero.

My kids still bring up the fact that a guy was about to “wreck” her door with a crowbar lmao

Bonus: i feel like i can MANIFEST jobs because i always run into random people breaking into there own cars and do it for free or a tip. Its crazy

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