Key Copy Consistently Cut Too Low : Locksmith


I have a copy of my house key cut by my local hardware store that doesn’t work. This the 3rd try for them of this copy. The copies were made from two other keys: one copy, and one original to test out “copy-of-a-copy” error magnification.

I finally took the cylinder out of the deadbolt to try and see why it won’t turn. All of the pins are not rising high enough to be flush with the cylinder, with one pin being exceptionally low. This explains why the only way I could ever get the key to turn sometimes was by bumping it.

Why did / is this happening, and how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again when I get this copy redone?

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Help with best method to cut through hasp : Locksmith

I’m looking for help on how to cut through a metal hasp on a latch so that I can preserve the padlock to practice picking its for a customer that wants the whole beam and gate removed. But I want to keep the padlock because it’s a medeco x4 any advice? No access to dye grinder or heavy duty saw. Only bolt cutters and hack saw.. boss man says if I want the lock so bad. Gotta use what I got..not sure if this is a lesson on how impossible it is to do without the heavy duty tools or what.. but im determined now!! Heat with torch?? Then hack saw?? Locksmith in training… dont hate. Lol

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Is it possible to re-key a cheap lock for a laser cut key? : Locksmith

I lost the side panel on my motorcycle and it had a lock. My issue is that the same key is used for the ignition and gas cap. I don’t want to carry multiple keys on this chain so my options are to get a new lock and have it re-keyed to work with my existing key or buy a set what comes with new keys, ignition, gas cap and side panel lock. I’d rater have a new lock re-keyed, if possible.

Below is the side panel lock and a key if it helps. Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture of the lock.

r/Locksmith - Is it possible to re-key a cheap lock for a laser cut key?

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A-Zum drawer lock – Recommendations on a code program to cut by code. : Locksmith

We checked codesonline and genericode2018 with no luck. I could find a similar key and code to use with our itl 9700 to make keys by hand or hand file, but every core will have to be removed and it will probably be cheaper to order new cores with keys by the end.

These have been out for many years now, and I’m surprised the codes haven’t been picked up yet.

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Made my first Chrysler key today. I picked the lock read the cuts, Cut the key and programmed it. With only 3 days of intense locksmith training with my grandad ! (Lishi tools) : Locksmith

Wait till you start using a twin lifter lishi, or even a 4 lifter if you happen to get the chance, like with a TOY48. The CY24 is the best lishi to start with because with Chrysler locks you can clearly feel when you are successfully picking the lock. Learning how to feel what’s going on inside the lock through the lifter is the key to using any lishi successfully, and Chrysler makes that very easy. Don’t get discouraged when you struggle with a twin arm lishi like the HU66 twin, the HU100, or the HU101, just keep working at it, and it will come to you. I’ve even seen some very experienced locksmiths struggle with single arm lishis, some locks just don’t cooperate.

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