Can anyone recommend a good replace for this lock that wouldn’t require cutting into the door or frame? : Locksmith

Hello Locksmiths of Reddit. After my front door deadbolt broke yesterday, leaving me with no way to get in my house, I realized I should probably look at fixing the back door so I can actually use it as an entrance when needed. I’m looking for either a replacement option that’s similar so that I don’t have to cut into the door frame, or maybe getting a key made that would fit, if that’s possible. This is smaller than your average key. I appreciate any help or advice that could be provided.

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Honda accord key cutting code : Locksmith

Hi everyone.

I’m not a locksmith and I’d like some help to find the code to cut some keys for my 2003 Honda accord (TSX) for you guys in America.

It’s a Japanese import and does not have the lock in the foot well next to the fuel cap release.

I’ve taken the door lock out and the only code on it is 3F03K160 Is this the code I need? If not can I find the code on my ignition barrel or immobilizer?

Thanks in advance.

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HPC Blitz for cutting IC keys? : Locksmith

Some of you may remember I posted the other week…in short I’m the maintenance manager for an apartment complex that uses interchangeable core locks and I asked about making Best keys for our locks in-house instead of the expensive of an outside locksmith that we currently use. The overwhelming response was to get the Pro-Lok Blue Punch.

While the blue punch looks great, I was doing some research and came across the HPC Blitz, which says it can also cut Best IC keys. While I understand there is more to configure with the HPC Blitz and therefore it is likely harder to use…there seems to be a lot more of them available used at decent prices and it can do far more key styles…so for example if we had a padlock, we could duplicate the keys just by buying the correct blank, etc.

What do you all think? Would the HPC Blitz work fine for making Best IC keys? Or is the Pro-Lok Blue Punch still the winner for some reason I am overlooking? Thanks again everyone.

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Kwikset cost cutting choices : Locksmith

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Kwikset? More like Shitset!

Rekeyed two Kwikset knobs that a customer brought in yesterday. Not sure which store he got them from, but they were in plastic clamshell. First thing I noticed was the plastic spindle. Which pencil pusher decided that making one of the most essential parts of the lock plastic was a good idea? I mean, it’s job security for us, right? Its just fucking annoying.

I’m sure the shitty metal they used before was cheap enough. I don’t think the ones we get in the box will be like this, hopefully, but you can really tell they are doing all they can to save a buck. Just look at the corrugated cores… I’ve come across some older Kwikset knobs that had such tight tolerances, you could barely get a shim in there.

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What should I do with all these? I inherited them from my grandfather along with a crate of key cutting stuff, but I’m just a casual lockpick. : Locksmith

I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa. That’s the same lab kit that I use today. You can get a lot done with that kit plus a few key cutters. You might want to consider keeping them. Why knows, someday you may wish to outfit a van and start your own business. Locksmithing is a pretty nice career. Think about it before you get rid of it.

Also, just look how excellent condition that kid is in! It’s probably 30 years old, but it looks wonderful. If your grandpa’s other equipment is that good, then you probably have some really great stuff on your hands.

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