Missing sliders on my CX5… help? (Info in comments) : Locksmith

I got these lent to me by my boss, but when I gutted them, none had any sliders. I guess the original locksmith who installed them decided not to put them in? Very odd, but now I’m trying to figure out how to get my hands on some sliders (preferably ones that match the key’s cut – code is: “ZJV”). The frustrating thing is that it’s hard to find them since this is a high security lock and the distributors of CX5 don’t want to sell them (even though it’s just sliders, not a key or a lock, but I understand). Furthermore, from my research, there are only 4 slider types, so theoretically it shouldn’t be too hard to find ones that match my key… if I can get my hands on any of them that is :-/

Thanks an advance for any help or advice anyone has

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