Possible to get a oil rub profile cylinder in kw1 with a thumbturn on it. Its for a hoppe lock system. i feel im going crazy looking for it. i wanna say they currently have the 90 degree one because they have a retaing pin where the thumb turn is. CES is the manufactue but again i cand find kw1


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[Question] Possible to replace this Medeco cylinder easily? : Locksmith


Sorry if this is against the rules, I don’t think it is?

I have a 1980s safe with a secondary inner compartment inside. It used to have a time delay lock, but it was cut and has not been working for a while. The secondary door has this Medeco lock. I do not have the key, but luckily the door was left open. Am I able to just replace the cylinder on this with one of the many Medeco cylinder and key sets on ebay? Or do I need to get the entire thing?


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Finding a Compatible Kwikset Cylinder for this handleset : Locksmith

Hi all. My entire house is Kwikset on one key with the exception of this one patio slider we just had installed. Nonconforming locks must be eliminated. This is the way.

Problem is…local locksmith only had a kwikset cylinder that might have fit but the little bulge in the cylinder was too long. I called the door manufacturer, and the people that make this lock, Hoppe, only supply Schlange cylinders. This being a small town, I figured the grand ol’ Internet might have more luck finding me one. If not, can one be made? I’m like CLU in Tron, I don’t dig imperfections. Help me obi-lockinobe, you are my only hope!

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How do you remove this lock cylinder?

How do you remove this lock cylinder?

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Can I Replace Yale Smartlock Cylinder with any other KW1 cylinder? : Locksmith

Hello Experts,

Currently, I have 2 traditional kwikset locks with KW1 cylinder. Both of them have same keys.

I purchased two Yale Assure Smart Locks recently (yet to be delivered). These come with KW1 cylinders. As per instructions provided by Yale on their YouTube channel, we can replace the cylinders on these smart locks.

My question is, can I just swap the cylinders on these smart locks with the cylinders from my existing locks? This will solve two things – 1) I can use my existing keys 2) I can also use on key for both doors.

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Is it ok if euro cylinder is short by 10-15cm?

The property management installed new thicker doors in the building a few months after I bought some new euro cylinders for the old thinner doors. They installed their own euro cylinders, with simple looking keys. I want to reinstall the cylinders that I previously bought but is it ok that they're about 10-12mm short of the exterior face plate?

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Converting Schlage SC1 (5-pin) cylinder to accept SC4 (6-pin) key : Locksmith

I had a similar issue to this post by /u/dt_mt2014

I have a 6-pin Schlage key that I wanted to use in a 5-pin SC1 knob. However, the residential knob is too short to accept a 6-pin SC4 KiK cylinder, so a cylinder swap wasn’t possible. Likewise, I didn’t find much online when searching for alternate solutions.

However, it turns out that the blocking item for the longer key is simply the bottom center of the cylinder tailpiece.

So, with some careful filing of the tailpiece, the longer SC4 key can pass under the tailpiece and will protrude slightly beyond the back of the keyway, but it doesn’t protrude enough to extend beyond the plane of the tailcap.

Therefore, pinning the 5-pin KiK cylinder to the first 5 pins of the 6-pin SC4 key allows the lock to operate as normal with both a 5-pin and 6-pin key.

A picture to show the filing work on the tailpiece (from ~4 o’clock to 6 o’clock). ~20 mins with small triangle / half-moon files. It would have been faster if I were less cautious. 🙂

Leaving this here in case it helps someone in the future.

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