Source for schlage compression cylinders in kw1 kwy?

Customer came in with a plug for an F series compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway (sorry no pictures) looking for more of them, and a quick search of allegion catalogue and my distributors show nothing like it. Does anyone know where i can get a compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway? Or maybe its an off brand knock off that i wont be able to get a cylinder for?

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RV/trailer lock with fixed cylinders : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

Does anybody know of a brand of entry locks for a RV that has fixed in place cylinders? What I mean is something where there is a screw or something on the back to prevent the core from being pulled out by manipulating the retaining wafer. I’m imagining a lock similar to a cam lock where the cam is screwed on to the back of the lock or where it uses a retaining nut to keep the lock in place. Just anything to prevent the core from being pulled out by someone will ill intent.

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Removing cylinders from security door after it has been drilled? : Locksmith

I bought my new townhouse “as-is” from the bank after a foreclosure. Apparently they drilled the lock on the security door during the eviction process, which you can see here:

I removed the set screws ( ) and learned from youtube that the next thing to do is insert a key and use that to unscrew the cylinders.

Obviously I do not have that option for the exterior cylinder, and my attempt to unscrew the interior cylinder failed, it wouldn’t budge. I assume this is due to age/weathering, but could it be due to the damage?

Any advice on how to remove the drilled cylinder would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Anyone else rekey multiple cylinders like this when they have the same bitting. : Locksmith

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Nope. Mainly because I pin with my left hand. Also because that looks uncomfortable. And I don’t have enough followers.

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Sargent RB kik cylinders won’t key up properly. Any advice or tips? : Locksmith

6 pin Sargent RB keyway using ilco kik cylinders master key system. Using Lab SGT115 pin kit. The way the keys work are random after pinning cylinder. Sometimes just one change key sometimes both change keys sometimes ggmk only or ggmk and one change key work. Code cut sargent factory RB keyways on hpc machine more than once doesn’t make a difference. Has anyone had this issue?

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Labeling/naming pulled locks and cylinders : Locksmith

Hello Everyone:

So I did a pretty big job the other day by myself. I ended up having to rekey about 20 locks. I went through the building and pulled them all out, labeling them with a Sharpie as I went. Well, when it came time to put them back in, I realized I confused a couple of the cylinders.

What is a good way to label the locks when you pull them out? I had a couple from the basement of this building labeled with B1, B2 and so on. But on top of the building were a few balconies, and those also got labeled B1, B2 and so on as well. So, I was briefly confused as to where each went, although I sorted it out in quick order. Luckily, not every door was the same so it wasn’t too confusing but I could see it becoming a problem on such a large job or even bigger job in the future.

Do you use a map and label them like that? Do you take a picture of each lock and each door to keep them in order? Do you order them 1, 2, and so on as you go through and pull them out, putting them back in the same order? I would love to hear how you all do this so I don’t end up making some mistake like this again in the future.

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