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Hi r/locksmith. I am trying to replace a deadbolt on my rear door of my garage. I live very close to the ocean and the metal just gets destroyed on “finished” hardware. It has a basic residential Schlage deadbolt that I lost the key to, but it’s not worth re-keying because the rest of the hardware is disintegrating. So, I bought a Grade 2 commercial deadbolt thinking “it’s stainless steel – that should last longer than this cheap residential one!”

The bore hole for the deadbolt is like… 1/2” bigger than my existing hole. So I returned it, as I’m not messing with trying to widen that hole. I now found a Schlage B60 CSK V 626 online that claims to fit all pre-drilled doors, but no where that I can find says anything about bore hole size… or if commercial deadbolts have different “standard” hole sizes than residential deadbolts.

Please help me pick the correct deadbolt!

EDIT: I ended up taking the route suggested by u/Odd-dog88. Just ordered the Irwin door kit and a Tell stainless steel commercial Grade 2 deadbolt. I don’t lose the security benefit of that shroud being removed from the deadbolt, I get something corrosion resistant, and my door is brought up to standard so this is easier in the future.

It turns out that the door was originally bored for a Baldwin deadbolt, and somewhere over the years someone changed it to the Schlage with the shroud removed.

EDIT2: By the way, you guys are a great and really helpful community!

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Deadbolt options for a rental house? 1.5 inch bore hole : Locksmith

Moving to a rental house and wanted to change the locks out and realized today that the bore hole is 1.5″.

Ideally I want a lock with a pin pad or something similar. Does anyone know locks like that that would fit? I’ve been looking for a couple hours and can’t find anything, but I might not be searching for the right terms. Maybe other options (adapters?)

I have the tools to drill a bigger hole but don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.

Thank you!

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Button fell off this deadbolt, is there a way to fix it? : Locksmith

I’m not super familiar with how this works as it’s my tenant’s deadbolt and I don’t interact with it at all. This is on the inside of their apartment, and I am told that there was a small button in the middle black part of the deadbolt that they would push in to lock the door.

Is anyone familiar with this style deadbolt, and if there is a way to fix that? Or would my best bet be to get a locksmith and replace that entirely?

Thank you!

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Name of this type of deadbolt? Need to buy a similar one but with screw holes slightly offset down as an standard deadbolt : Locksmith

I am trying to adapt an existing smart lock with this type of deadbolt for an sliding door I have. When I do my searches this type of lock never shows up and on this one shows as bathroom sliding door deadbolt, which is not really what it is. This one would be great, except for the screw holes not being offset as many of the standard deadbolts mechanism.

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Deadbolt Lock Won’t Extend. Metal in the way in door frame. : Locksmith

I purchased a new deadbolt and it’s not locking.

There is a metal piece in the way. Here is a photo.

How do I remove this metal piece so the lock can extend? It looks like it is behind the wood.

I have searched lock diagrams and cannot find any help as to why this metal piece is in/behind the door frame.

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Deadbolt with spindle/cam attached to thumbturn…does it have a special name? : Locksmith

I wish I had found this subreddit a few weeks ago when I was trying to install a smart lock. I ordered an August Gen3 smartlock, the kind that replaces the thumbturn on the deadbolt, so you don’t have to completely replace the lock.

I thought everything was on track…my lock seemed to match the ‘compatible’ locks picture…until I removed the thumbturn on the back side of the door. The way the August smart lock (and other similar setups) work is by sitting on top of the spindle/cam (I think that’s the right name), and then using a small integrated motor to turn the spindle and unlock the lock. Except, when I unscrewed and removed the thumbturn from my door, the spindle came with it!

In my case, the spindle appears to be permanently attached to the thumbturn, rather than the lock cylinder; there’s a hole on the back of the lock cylinder that the spindle slides into, but since it’s fixed to the thumbturn, the smart lock setup I had hope to use won’t work.

So, finally, I’ll get to my point…is there a special name for these deadbolts? Where the spindle is attached to the thumbturn, instead of the lock cylinder? It seems like a backwards setup from all of the other single deadbolt examples I’ve seen, but I’d like to know if it has a special name so I can keep an eye out for it on compatibility lists for future smart locks that I look for.

TL;DR – most single deadbolts seem to have the lock spindle/cam attached to the lock cylinder, with the thumbturn fitting over the top…is there a special name when the spindle is attached to the thumbturn instead?

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Hello locksmiths, if anyone could help me I would be forever thankful! I have aquired this Schlage Grade 1 Security Deadbolt lockset for my room in a house where my older brother is always sneaking in my room & stealin. I want to know if this set or sets like it only come with one key or not?

Hello locksmiths, if anyone could help me I would be forever thankful! I have aquired this Schlage Grade 1 Security Deadbolt lockset for my room in a house where my older brother is always sneaking in my room & stealin. I want to know if this set or sets like it only come with one key or not? submitted by /u/jmaXX1087

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Sc1 core but the pins are smaller in diameter. Anyone know why or have any info on this pulled it out of a deadbolt. : Locksmith

I have a question… are the chambers drilled for standard pins or are they drilled for small pins? Just trying to understand if someone used Best-type pins. I know Schlage makes SFIC cores, but don’t know if they use 0.108 diam. pins or standard since I’ve never seen one.

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Cost for New Deadbolt : Locksmith

My front door lock came undone today (when I pulled my key out the lock after unlocking the door, it pulled the lock along with it, if that makes any sense). I called a locksmith company that seemed credible based off Google reviews. They charged roughly $30 to have someone come out, almost $200 for the replacement lock (it’s a maxtek lock “knob lock & deadbolt lock combo”), and $70ish to install it. I know nothing about locks and didn’t expect the cost to be what it was. After Googling maxtek and finding out it isn’t a high-end brand, I called the company just to make sure the pricing wasn’t a mistake. I told them I googled this sort of lock and found cheaper prices, to which they replied the one they installed is a grade 2, whereas a lot of the ones that popped up on my searches might’ve been grade 1 (or it could’ve been the other way around…not sure). The company seems credible, but I’m just curious, is just under $200 for a new maxtek deadbolt way too high (even taking into consideration the upcharge they include)? If it makes any difference, I live in a big city.

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