Is a set of interconnected locks on a door with a keyed lever & deadbolt easier to pick? : Locksmith

Hello. I purchased a condo apt. and I haven’t even moved in yet and have had 2 break-ins. One of those break-ins was after I changed the lock cylinders. They weren’t forced entry break-ins.

About a week ago I realized that the door has an interconnected handle/lock. So if I’m in the apt. with both locks locked, and I need to leave asap, I pull down the lever and both locks unlock and stay unlocked.

From the outside, if an intruder wants to open my lock, if they bump the keyed lever, will the deadbolt automatically unlock, because they are interconnected?

This condo building was built in 2004 in Oakland, CA. I’m sure that my interconnected handle/deadbolt combo is one of the originals, from 2004. A lot of other owners have changed their handle/lock combos.

Is an interconnected handle/deadbolt required, by building code, in multi-family buildings in the state of California?

Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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Trying to figure out what type of lock this is and if it’s safe for an exterior door or we should replace/add a deadbolt. 1950s house. : Locksmith

Sorry if this isn’t a good place! But if this question is OK, I would be very happy for any information anyone could give.

We were debating whether or not to replace the doorknob. (If we don’t, it obviously needs to be polished.) I think it seems unsafe for an exterior door but would love any additional information. Can’t quite figure out what they would have called this type of lock back in the day, so my google-fu has hit a dead end.

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August Lock Gen3 installation on deadbolt with spindle attached to thumbturn : Locksmith

I recently purchased a August Lock Gen3 for my apartment and I realized that my deadbolt’s thumbturn(?) is attached to the spindle, making it incompatible for installation. I took it to a local locksmith and they said they don’t have the right spindle and its simply not compatible However, I feel like if I can right sized spindle, I can somehow make it work.

Here a picture of the deadbolt/knob with spindle attached:

Anyone had any experience with making this type of installation work or am I just out of luck here?

Appreciate any help offered!

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At least they it wasn’t the deadbolt latch… Always amazes me how diyers do shit like this. Just call the pro beforehand. : Locksmith

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“I could’ve done that…”

If you could, why did you call me?

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Schlage key fob only deadbolt : Locksmith

I noticed a new construction apartment building installing these keyless key fob entry schlage (pieces of shh..) .. So I figure, as much as it sucks this is the future of locksmithing or an increasingly large part of house lock out entries.. Either way..

Say you get called to a lockout because the batteries died or customer lost the fob.. What would you do to gain entry? Drill? Where? Air wedge the door? Just wondering.. It appears to be the future and it sucks. Did I mention that already?!c1046410072!a51633137712!dm!ng&gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVsV-MZJtJ5WsYiaFLQqQTWmdMLmaXXd6IIwDE0NJ3wR_SXacpxxr6RoCyXUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Questions regarding my apartment deadbolt keyway. Any help is appreciated. : Locksmith

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Buy a new Kwikset deadbolt from your local locksmith, bring your existing key so they can re-pin the new one to your existing key if you want.

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Deadbolt hole drilled too deep? : Locksmith

I took measurements and it all checks out, thank you! I lost my key and had a locksmith come in to repin the lock, and he also went ahead and made adjustments to the deadbolt. For a min I thought he unnecessarily put a hole in my house, but good to know I got a more secure working deadbolt out of it too! The locks were always a bit sticky, and I swear a couple times after locking I came back to an open door. I thought it was so strange, but that explains it.

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Problem removing a Kwikset deadbolt with no screws

I am trying to replace a Kwikset deadbolt with no visible screws and haven't had any luck.

This link shows the exact lock:

I removed the set screw, as the link said to, but the locking knob still won't detach.

Does anyone have any experience with any of this? Is it possible that the set screw broke off inside? or are there more screws that i need to remove first that i'm missing?


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