New home has some Medeco deadbolts. How much of a pain is this going to be? : Locksmith

As the title says, my new house already has Medeco locks on secondary doors. Worth keeping? We want a sigle key for all locks, but from what I’ve read, Medeco can be a bit overkill for resendential, and rekeying/key replacement can be a real pain. I’m considering just replacing them with something easier to deal with.

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Captive thumb deadbolts : Locksmith

You could do a Lori deadbolt and use a mortise thumb turn with the removable thumb piece. Different concept, same-ish results.

I hate the captives. They are a pain in the ass to align so they work right. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

I don’t really advise any double cylinder deadbolt typically. The best security is the one you’ll use. If I have a thumb turn I’ll always use it. People always want to put them on a full glass door. Where after you break the glass it is easier to step in than to open the door.

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Are any of the Yale or Schlage smart deadbolts compatible with high security LFIC or KIK cylinders? : Locksmith

Short question is in the subject line. I’m closing on a house in a few weeks, and I would like to outfit it with high security smart locks.

Specifically, I want a Z-wave deadbolt, so that I can verify they are all locked at night, and a key that a motivated but unskilled person could not get a copy of even if they had 5 days of continuous access to a key. My search for locks has lead me to the security snobs Abloy Protec2 retrofit cylinders.

My specific scenario is a high-conflict ex wife with a history of dramatic behavior, with split custody of kids who are approaching the age where they would like to have their own house keys. This means unless I make them turn their keys in before they go to mom’s, she’llhave access to take it to get a copy made for 5 days in a row every other week. She did this at my old house with my Kwikset door locks before I moved into a gated condo, so I don’t feel paranoid for thinking she’d do it again.

Is there a high security cylinder + smart lock combination you’d recommend I try integrating? I am a mechanical engineer and have a full machine shop at my disposal for modifications. The Protec2 Kik cylinder seemed like a good starting point, since as I understood it, there is nothing in the “notch”, but if there’s something that is an easier or lower-cost drop-in, with equal key control, I’m not married to the Protec2 format. I obviously understand that duplicates for myself down the line will be difficult, but I do like that I can get keyed-alike padlocks for my breaker box and gates.

Thanks for any advice! If there isn’t any combination people have experience with, I’ll just buy parts and wing it (and report back!, but it wouldn’t take too many fails on cylinder or smart lock to add up fast financially.

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