Electrify Exit Devices – Suggestions? : Locksmith

I am not familiar with these types of exit devices, what is underneath the shit and how do you get the push plates open and off?

My plan is to put a double maglock but, I would like to insert a custom switch kit where you can cut the maglock power when the shit is pushed. If there is some sort of classroom function rim cylinder capability that would be optimal. Otherwise, I will have to either dog down the devices and just have the maglock on or disable the physical locks which would be a fucking tragedy but shit, they already had fucking surface mount closers on a storefront.

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Eagle Vision For Locking Devices

Anyone else get this? I've noticed as I walk through the city or take the bus, I start to see things I never would have before. Interesting key ways, padlocks everywhere on everything, keys with different depths, and more. Everywhere I go I see these things and it's almost like a second sense. I don't really know how to explain it. But every time I see a new lock I think "I wonder if this is how it's picked" or "that method would definitely work here". I find myself studying the interesting locks more and I start finding things around the city that I never would have noticed before. It's all super fascinating.

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