Not a locksmith. Have an old treadlock safe with a group 2 lock. Unbranded with a bulldog face on the dial. Over the last few months it’s been having trouble opening and getting progressively worse. Seems the arm is hanging up and not dropping down into the wheel after the combo. Fix or replace? : Locksmith

Yeah, I lubed it up hoping it would help but no change. The more I play with it, the more it seems my second combination stop has drifted. The wheels aren’t exactly lined up and if I put a pin into the through hole it seems to drop as I wiggle it through the center wheel. Please excuse my terminology. I’m not a locksmith but am a mechanic. I have a pretty good idea of how it’s working just not familiar with the details.

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Hayman floor safe w/Sargent and Greenleaf dial circa 1986 : Locksmith

My home has a Hayman & Co floor safe with S&G dial, presumably installed when the home was built in 1986. I have no idea what the combination is and have not been able to contact previous owners who might know.

Approximately how much would it cost to make this a functional safe again, and what would that involve?

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Safe dial won’t turn and stuck. : Locksmith

It could be a variety of things. He could have slammed the door onto the boltwork & bent it, there could be something inside the safe that is stuck in the space between the door & the body & jamming the lock, he could have forced the dial to turn when the door was in the open position. There’s other things like a mounting screw loosening & falling into the combination wheels & it just happened by coincidence when the toddler was goofing around. All these are difficult situations & way outside your ability to fix.

There’s one other situation that’s likely but you didn’t make any reference to the cause. That zone on the dial where it’s stuck has a name – the forbidden zone. Did you change the combination recently?

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