Mother died, never gave me safe cobination : Locksmith

My mother was the only family I had, and she unfortunately passed away.

Before she died she told me she was going to give me the combination to the safe, but she passed much sooner than expected.

Now I am stuck with no ability to open this safe. Any advice?

It uses one of the old fashion roller dials

Edit: I realize this was stupid of me. I didn’t want to ask her for the combination too soon, because I didn’t want her to feel like I was giving up on her. But obviously that backfired, because she wanted me to have what was in the safe in the event she died

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Help me identify this safe? Know the combo, but the batteries died, and I no longer have the power cord. : Locksmith

Does the power cord have a built in transformer / rectifier ?

You could probably just rig up an old power cord to work by stripping the rubber away and attaching them to the leads on the input

If it does have a transformer/rectifier built in, then you could look for one of those universal adapters they sold at radio shack. Usually they have converters

Check on the label near the plug (assuming it has one)

It will say current / voltage etc there

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