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Did you know almost all locksmiths will decrease the price down to free for vehicle lockouts. Just follow these simple steps.. Step 1: when calling it is very important to be as rude as possible over the phone.. Step 2: inquire about the vehicle lockout and when the locksmith asks you for the approximate location refuse to give them your location until you get the price.. they may counter with something like “we need to know where we’re going before we can tell you how much it is”…. This is a very old industry trick, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!! Step 3: when they give you a price over the phone it is important to repeat that price back to them with an emphasis on (Dollars) and a generaly shocked tone of voice.. Step 4: receivce the free unlock! Step 5: post a 2-star review and comment that the unlock was okay they were not very quick.. (OPTIONAL): act like they have personally attacked your character when the technician asks you for proof of ownership.. optional statements include but are certainly not limited to “I told you it was my car on the phone” and “it’s not stolen, I promise” Step 6: get in your vehicle and drive into the nearest brick wall at high speed..

In the next post I’ll tell you how to get an ambulance ride for free.. stay tuned.

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