What is this plate called (circled) and where can I get one (UK)? Lost when changing the cylinder, bought new handles, but did not get new plate. UPVC door with euro cylinder : Locksmith

I moved into a new house and decided to change the cylinders, I managed to lose this plate on one of the doors. The door still locks, but it’s a bit of a trick to it and I don’t think it’s as secure. I bought new handles thinking I might get a new plate with this, but no. It’s a uPVC door with euro cylinders in the UK if that makes any difference. Thanks!

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Door handle type commercial electric strike : Locksmith


I’m have three interior doors as FOB entry control points. Egress is FOB-less, so not locked.

The handles currently in place can be cycled to open the door simply by using the handle, bypassing the electric strike. They have a thumb switch on the inside of the door to engage the lock, as they are battery powered coded Schlages used to control the door prior to the fob system being installed. Employees have just started disengaging the latch by turning the thumb switch to disengage the system.

I’d like to replace the hardware with something appropriate.

I saw storeroom handles such as this – is this what I need or should I be looking for something else?

Thanks in advance!

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Larson Screen Door handle mechanism broke in door. Door will not open. : Locksmith

The mechanism that appears to move the latch on my backyard screen door appears to be broken. Whenever I move the door handle it moves about 1/3 of it’s full extension. I took the door handle apart thinking I’d be able to jimmy it open, but it wont budge. There are no interior hinges that I can remove. They’re actually on the outside, but they’re behind a metal panel that’s inaccessible.

I’m really not sure how I can get this open without breaking the door down. does anyone know how I can get this open? Here’s some photos:


I think this is the door handle:


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German door with lots of bolts and a key with colored inserts and dimples : Locksmith

Years ago I did an exchange program and got to live in a Penthouse in a big city in Germany. The family took security very seriously after having lost much during the war. The front door was impressive and now that I’m all grown up I’m trying to find something similar.

The first thing I noticed was the key to the door. It had various sizes of dimples and had colored inserts press-fit into the key. If I recall, there were some inserts with dimples I was told it used some type of magnet system, but I never noticed my key being a magnet. What type of key/lock was this? Is it actually secure?

The door was what really impressed me. It had a simple spring bolt that would engage when the door closed and was released when the key was turned about 1/2 turn right. But, turning the key to the left took about 10 full turns and drove multiple bolts about the diameter of my pinky into the walls/floor/ceiling. Where can I find a door like this in the US?

Very much appreciate your input.

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Do you know of any complex combination based lock for a door? Something that is out of the ordinary that kind of feels like solving a puzzle. : Locksmith

I’m looking for a lock for my door that doesn’t need a key, but that it isn’t the traditional combination lock. I’m looking for something a bit more complex that requires multiple combinations or a bit of logic to actually open it. Do you guys know of anything?

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Need advice on installing locks on hollow steel apt. door that I messed up. : Locksmith

I apologize in advance for the length of this post!

Hi. I live in NYC and the front door to my apt. is an old (30+ years) steel one, 1.75″ actual thickness.
A few years ago I installed an electronic Schlage lock, which I like fine.
But I really made a mess of the door (83″ x 35″).
See attached trio of photos.
The previous mechanical lockset was large and heavy and I discarded it.
Anyway, where I am now is:
A door that works, but… to lock the door when leaving, I have to pull on that kludged up cable so as to hold the door against the door frame till the trigger the Schlage.
Exiting or entering the apt. from the inside, I have to twist the knob on the Schlage while pushing or pulling the door from the frame.
I threw in that wood piece that holds the cable to prevent neighbors from looking into my apt.
Yes, you are welcome to laugh…

I vaguely recall that the large door thickness was an issue for some reason when I attempted to add a regular doorknob so the door will lock when simply pulled shut.

It’s been 2 or 3 years and the girlfriend is tired of this temporary kludge. Particularly the inability to exit the apt. using one hand (when she is carrying things).

It seems to me I have two possibilities (keeping in mind that I’ll be moving out of NYC soon, and will sell the apt. — it must look good for sale):

  1. Get a new door and start from scratch. I can do this, but it’s expensive, and the outside of the door is a green color that no one on the Coop board remembers. The board will give me cr*p if I don’t manage to paint it a matching color. Neighbors seem to have installed all sorts of locks on existing doors. No one has replaced their door.

  2. Keep the door, have a locksmith fix up this disaster, but I’ve looked around for featureless plates that might cover all these holes on the outside, and I haven’t found anything large enough. I can’t sell the apt. if this looks too crappy.


p.s. I generally do my own repairs — electrical, sheetrock, etc. This door project was not my finest hour. If you wish to make some jokes at my expense, I’m up for it.

r/Locksmith - Need advice on installing locks on hollow steel apt. door that I messed up.

Existing disaster

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The bars on this lock fall down a little bit and it’s VERY annoying! It still works, but I would like to be able to close my door without turning the knob every time. Any easy fixes? : Locksmith

Not sure if you can get a look on the inside, but if you can then youll be able to visibly see whats allowing it to drop slightly. My guess is the metal is probably slightly stretched or its loose at the thumbthurn causing the bolt to drop slightly when the knob is finally at its resting position.

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