How safe is my door?

How safe is my door?

I am thinking of upgrading my balcony door since my backyard is hard to look into and there are no neighbours right around.

How long do you think would this door withstand an attack with brute force?(crowbar or other force tool) The door is locked in 6 places as pictured below. Smashing in the glass would probably still alert some people around so I dont worry about that as much.

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Looking for an NFC-compliant deadbolt to fit this door. Had intended to buy a Samsung Ezon 3321 but the local locksmith says it won’t fit. Any suggestions of what else I could try? : Locksmith

Not a fan of smart locks, but it looks like a regular cut out template for a deadbolt more or less. If your door is 1 3/4 inches you’ll be fine, hell you can throw it on 1 1/4 inch thick door if you want. Make a hole in door, chisel door for bolt, make hole in frame, chisel frame for strike, probably some fasteners here and there. 30-45 minute job.

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What kind of door is this? What are my options for locks? : Locksmith

My landlord has this door installed in our office building. We had asked for a door to be installed in the landing of the second floor stairwell, and when he said “is it okay if you put in your own locks”, I stupidly assumed it would be a wood door. This thing has a metal strip running along the whole door that covers the door gap, and the mesh leaves not that much space for a standard doorknob.

I’m assuming I’ll have to make my own mortise cuts in the door, and find something that is intended to fit a door with a narrow stile, like you see in storefront doors.

Can you help me figure out what words to start googling?

Edit: thanks for the all the suggestions! I learned a lot about hardware for commercial doors. I’ll be talking to the city to get information about what I can and can’t do for fire code, and I’ll call a locksmith for anything more complicated than rim panic hardware (especially welding a gate box).

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where can I find another door lock like this? : Locksmith

I live in a really old house and one room has this lock on the door, and I’d like to add the same type to another door but I can only find mortise lock sets with the latch included. I want one that is keyed but only has the lock, not the latch, and is surface mounted. I think it is called a rim lock, but all the ones I find online have doorknob holes as well as keyholes. Any ideas?

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How to retrofit a door lock with the emergency function? : Locksmith

Have a look at the way this Nuki junk is fitted. They literally fit over an existing key that you leave on the outside of the home. If a key is left in the back of a normal euro cylinder it won’t work as you know. Difference with a ‘smart’ lock is that you perhaps won’t notice that it hasn’t locked.

The ’emergency function’ is on some cylinders that can be opened with a key on the inside to prevent accidental lockout if it operates a latch or to allow someone to open the door without waking up the muppet that left the key in the back before going to bed.

It’s a stupid suggestion for a stupid product made by clueless fuckwits that haven’t got the first idea about locks.

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I was burgled. The door will be replaced

We were burgled and our flat was ransacked. Only cash was taken, no electricals. They went through every single drawer and cupboard and threw everything everywhere.

Here are photos of the front door:

I live in a council flat so the door will (eventually) be replaced with the same door. We did not double lock the door, we only used the top lock. We think they broke in with a crowbar. When we arrived home we found that the key fit in the lock and it just spun round and round. The police had to ram the door to open it.

Do you think if we had double locked the door it would have been secure? both locks are ERA 35 x 35mm 6-Pin Euro Cylinder – Satin. If not, is there anything else we can do to strengthen the door or frame? I have heard of people using something called a London Bar or Birmingham Bar. I’m not sure if this would be applicable here. How much would that be likely to cost?

Any advice on this matter would be helpful.

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Locked in, advice please? Deadbolt seems like it’s disengaged, but door won’t open. : Locksmith

looks like the bolt is not fully retracted. theres probably a small cutout/clearancing on the “hinge side” of that hole, that the end of the deadbolt slides into, and the whole assemble is now bent so its not lining up and cant fully retract. either do something about that, or just break out whats left and try pullng it out that way… also can u just open the other door? its probably got some latch bolts on the top or bottom, but the deadbolt is probably retracted enough that if u undo the other door and open them both at the same time, itll probably just open so u can remove the deadbolt. but man, have a locksmith install the new one if you live here. you always want a professional to ensure your locks that you trust for your safety are installed properly… so this doesnt happen again….

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