Rekeying Schlage keyed entry door knobs : Locksmith

Well, you should have drivers in there, so the springs never come in contact with the plug.

It’s been a while since I rekeyed Schlage with C-clip, but if I remember correctly, the end of the plug, where the tailpiece goes, is shaped like an oval. You need to insert the plug at more or less exactly 90º so that the end of the oval shape keeps everything in the bible like it should.

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Nostalgic front door set — Lab pins diameter to large to rekey to new key

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Deadbolt/nightlatch/springbolt lock not locking when my door is shut. The handle is extremely loose. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated! : Locksmith

I should add that I don’t know which type of lock it is, a deadbolt/springbolt/or nightlatch or what the difference is between those. The lock can be opened from the inside by pulling down on the handle. It locks when the door is shut. To unlock from outside you have to insert the key (tooth-side facing up) and then turn to the right about 20-45° the lock then pops open. It’s difficult to see in the picture but this is a Yale lock

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UK Front door lock change : Locksmith

I’ve just bought a house and the kind of lock I have on my front door is a lever pad style (so I’m told) which means I always need a key to open the door from the exterior.

Any idea if it’s possible to change the lock / multipoint system to a standard lift to lock style where the handles from both sides can unlock the door when unlocked or would I need to get a new door + possibly the frame

Cheers for any advice you can provide

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Can anyone recommend a good replace for this lock that wouldn’t require cutting into the door or frame? : Locksmith

Hello Locksmiths of Reddit. After my front door deadbolt broke yesterday, leaving me with no way to get in my house, I realized I should probably look at fixing the back door so I can actually use it as an entrance when needed. I’m looking for either a replacement option that’s similar so that I don’t have to cut into the door frame, or maybe getting a key made that would fit, if that’s possible. This is smaller than your average key. I appreciate any help or advice that could be provided.

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Storm door latch : Locksmith

Hello everyone…

So I had an irate customer come in. Apparently, she dropped off a lock for her storm door about 5 months ago and never received a call about it. After searching the shop, I found it hidden away behind some boxes near the front counter. Seems like the guy who quit a few months back got in over his head with this one and instead of asking for help, he just decided to hide the lock… Quite typical of him, I’m glad he is gone!

Does anyone recognize the brand on this one? There are no markings. The customer said the brand was on the profile cylinder. I vaguely remember D bitching about the cylinder because it was too hard for him to rekey and I think it was just a CES one, so not really specific to the latch I have here.

I want to try and put this thing back together, I’m guessing it will. But, if I can’t get it, I want to just get a replacement latch for the customer. Is there anything specific I need to know about that? Can I just measure the body of the latch and match that up to a replacement?

When D was working on this before and after he had fully disassembled the profile cylinder and couldn’t get it back together, I told him to just replace it with one from our stock. I remember him sliding the cylinder in the body and it was in place, but the bolt wouldn’t throw. Examining it now, it seems like the part of the bolt the cam interacts with is too square or perhaps the cam is too square, either way has the same result: the bolt won’t throw.

What would you do in this situation? I’m kind of irritated I am STILL cleaning up this fucker’s mistakes after almost 4 months. I want the customer to be happy and I don’t want her to feel like our shop screwed her in any way.

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Door unlocks but won’t open : Locksmith

Hi, hoping someone can help. I live in a flat and my internal front door won’t open. It locks and unlocks but I can’t actually push the door to get in. I have to push the door whenever I open it normally and there are cracks round the door frame where it looks like the building has settled or something. Is there anything I can do to get inside? Thanks in advance.

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