HELP, I just put in a new key into my doorknob at it got stuck.any advice?? : Locksmith

If the key is freshly copied from a place of business … there is a chance that they cut it incorrectly and it has a hook or no ramp which will trap a pin tumbler and makes it damn near impossible to remove.

Another possibility is you are trying to remove it in the wrong position. Make sure the key is straight up and down. (Unless the knob was installed incorrectly).

Was it a locksmith? Or just hardware store Walmart?

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In California, can you install a DOORKNOB for the back door of a commercial building? : Locksmith

I live in Orange County to be specific and just re-keyed my friend’s new warehouse. There were 3 doors in the back and all 3 had a set of lever and deadbolt. One of the lever was falling apart and old so I replaced it with a commercial grade entry doorknob I had and it fit fine. There is an exit sign in the back. After I got home, I started to worry about regulations and such. Is it ok to have a doorknob for the back of the building?

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