What happens when someone tries drilling out a lock with anti drill features? : Locksmith

I’m going to secure a storage locker with an Abus 37/60 which features an anti drill disc. Realistically if someone were to attempt to drill it out, would the lock be able to be used after? I’m guessing you’ll end up with lots of broken bits, but would it now be possible to open it legitimately?

What other ways will people try accessing a storage locker? I have a cylinder lock provided by Public Storage I presume is relatively easy to drill out, but would the combination of the Abus and the cylinder lock be sufficient to deter people? Or will that more likely throw a red flag that something good might be stored in there? At that point it seems easier to break down the door (swinging door made of aluminum, not the roll up) or the walls to get into the locker.

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