Are Hinge Dr.’s worth it? : Locksmith

What’s your opinion on this situation…?

Large triple glazed balcony aluminium framed door, weighing around 100kg (220 lbs). Replacing the hinges is a £1,200 + job due to the size and manpower requirements and the fact that the hinges cost a fortune. I’ve done a few already in a building of 300. Frankly, they’re a nightmare. The H&S paperwork, arranging labourers, the job itself – it all sucks. Money’s good but it sucks.

I’ve been tempted to order a hinge Dr from the USA and give the building manager the option of the cheap band aid fix. Thoughts? Both in terms of whether or not it stands a chance of even working on a door like that and whether or not it is a good business decision.

Edit: Like this but wider, taller and heavier.

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