What’s your duplicator and originator set up looking like? : Locksmith

I recently cheaped out and bought a used iilco 45 duplicator off a buddy instead of going for the rytan. It works but I regret it knowing I’ll be buying the rytan eventually anyhow. But admittedly I was trained by old school locksmiths but to me the best set up is a blitz for origination and a rytan for duplication. I know there’s some very fancy machines but talking basic can set up, what’s r/locksmiths typical van set up looking like?

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Key Duplicator Drill Bit : Locksmith

Hi All,

I’ve recently ressurected a laser key duplicator which we haven’t used in years.

The supplier we used to use for consumables is no longer trading and I’m not sure what I should be searching for to find a replacement drill bit.

The bit reads “2.5 co8 STg 13.60”

I have also attached a picture for reference: https://ibb.co/Z8RQdgK

What should I be looking for and where might I find it? The machine is a Curtis Industries LC3.


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Can anyone identify this key duplicator? ILCO 190km? When was it made? Any tips on restoring it. Motor still runs but vibrates like crazy. Also needs a new belt. Any help would be appreciated. : Locksmith

New motor is going to be a few hundred bucks. You’ll have to pull it totally to pieces and get the rust off with possibly some grinding/sanding which will throw off the balance of the spindles and wheels. It would be pointless to do it all and not re-plate it so that’s more time and money. As a fix it project I’d be all into it l, but for a reliable useable accurate key machine, likely not.

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Economical automotive key duplicator and also an economical programmer? : Locksmith

Well boys, I’m tired of being treated like shit and I told my boss to stuff it. Starting a new Locksmith job tomorrow. This is just for the now, I’m planning on going out on my own. Need advice for most affordable duplicating machine that isn’t total crap. I’ll use depth keys for code work for now. Need a programmer too. Any advice?

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Best duplicator for SFIC keys? : Locksmith

So I just took over as the maintenance manager at an apartment complex. The entire complex has a Best Access SFIC system, 7-pins. The last maintenance manager used a local locksmith to make keys/changes/etc. which cost both a lot of time and money.

I’m not an expert, but I understand SFIC locks and I bought a pinning kit, so I have successfully been able to re-pin the cores…but my problem now is finding a way to cut new keys in-house. We are a medium size complex, but we obviously don’t need to make that many new keys…I’d say an average of only 1 or 2 a week.

So my plan is to buy a duplicator, since they are so much cheaper and a set of depth keys. Cheap is the primary concern here, it doesn’t really matter if it takes me 10 minutes to cut a key because we make so few of them.

Any advice on a CHEAP duplicator that I can make new 7-pin Best IC keys with by using depth keys?? CLK Supplies has a ‘TU-1000 Hand Cut Duplicator’, but I have no idea if those would work with 7 pin Best keys?

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