Electronic handle set clicking – What’s wrong? : Locksmith

Electrified mortise lock.

Presenting a credential to the reader powers the lock. Clicking should allow the handle to turn and retract the latch. With everything apart, I have no idea if the handle will turn when the lock is energized.

Put the lock back together and test it, or give us a description of the problem.

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I’ve been abusing my S&G for over a decade and I think it’s about to die. Replacement or repair questions for mechanical or electronic. : Locksmith

So first off, yeah I’m that guy that didn’t realize you aren’t supposed to spin the dial as quickly as possible. I only discovered this in the last couple of days as I was researching what was going on with my safe.

I have a 13+ year old safe with what I think is a 6000 series S&G. The last couple of months I’ll nail the combo and it won’t open. At first I thought it was because I was getting older and wasn’t seeing the numbers well but even with reading glasses but that wasn’t it. It’s also doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to and seems to have a sticky feeling

Because I’m getting older and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, my first inclination was to “upgrade” to an electronic model but after reading the horror stories it doesn’t see like there’s a reliable electronic lock or is that incorrect? The S&G Spartan with direct drive caught my eye as it’s supposed to be EMP proof and you don’t seem to have to worry about a solenoid going bad. Any thoughts on this or another electronic lock?

My second thought it maybe I should either try to lube up the current lock or just replace it with a 6730. My lock is silver and has always been a PITA to read so a black dial with white could help. I’ve not been able to find any sort of DIY guide how to lube a lock, is there one out there?

I’m also open to suggestions

Thank you

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WR5 Keyway Electronic Deadbolt : Locksmith

Hey there – hoping someone more knowledgeable can help me out. I searched the reddit for WR5 and didn’t come up with anything specific to electronic deadbolts.

I recently replaced the doors on my house and had previously used Weiser Powerbolt 1 electronic deadbolts. I was hoping to modernize (WiFi) but everything I see comes with the newer SmartKey keyway. Are there any electronic deadbolts that are compatible with older WR5 Weiser keyway deadbolts?

Edit 2: I’m partial to the keypad on the exterior vs. say a Kevo smartlock conversion kit.

Edit: sorry I should point out I want to retain the existing WR5 keyway because I have numerous copies of that deadbolt that I use throughout my life (my house, my cottage, parents house, garage, etc, etc).

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Introduction to electronic locks : Locksmith

Hello everyone, don’t know if it’s the right sub but, I’m trying to understand something about electronic locks, types etc..

I would like to buy lock with a keypad or fingerprint but in combination with physical keys. I’m looking for an european cylinder, all I find online are locks that don’t have a key acces for backup in case the battery runs out or the sistema fails.

Hope someone could help me.

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