Hi, can anyone advise me on which brand and style of lock this is in order to replace it. It’s not an emergency so I can’t call someone out due to covid restrictions. My pet gets into the kitchen when I’m cooking. All the doors have this lock but when I moved in i was told they never kept the keys! : Locksmith

It’s a Union Mortice lock. Google that and can find what you’re looking for. Better yet, just get a locksmith to make a key for the current lock. Most states field service locksmiths have been considered essential the whole way thru this. Mask and PPE is standard issue now days.

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The Most Reliable Emergency Locksmith Service In The Valley!

It’s only a matter of time, an emergency that requires to run to the locksmith eventually happens to all of us. It doesn’t have to be your fault. Bad things do happen.

Emergency Locksmith Service

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Given the fact that it’s not every day that you need a professional yet affordable locksmith service, most people are not accustomed to the prices and have this fear of being cheated. Although we have also heard some quite unpleasant stories about other affordable locksmith services, or better said “affordable” locksmith services, you can rest assured that Alcatraz Locksmith is here to help you avoid spending a fortune.

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Our Services

Our services are of the highest quality and our prices are definitely the lowest in town. We cover a great variety of locksmithing emergencies, so you can give us a call, regardless of the situation that you are going through. No matter if you have lost your keys, if they got stolen or if you broke the key in the lock, we will be there to help you out.

No matter if the lock broke or if you want it changed, we will be there to fix things for you. No matter you need us for your car, for your house or for your office, you can rest assured that we will take care of things in a highly professional manner. We understand that your family’s safety is the most important thing in the world for you. We can help you turn your house into a safer environment by installing state of the art security systems that will certainly discourage an intruder.

If you are looking for the most affordable locksmith service in town give us a call. We have an amazing emergency locksmith service that is available 24/7.

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How to retrofit a door lock with the emergency function? : Locksmith

Have a look at the way this Nuki junk is fitted. They literally fit over an existing key that you leave on the outside of the home. If a key is left in the back of a normal euro cylinder it won’t work as you know. Difference with a ‘smart’ lock is that you perhaps won’t notice that it hasn’t locked.

The ’emergency function’ is on some cylinders that can be opened with a key on the inside to prevent accidental lockout if it operates a latch or to allow someone to open the door without waking up the muppet that left the key in the back before going to bed.

It’s a stupid suggestion for a stupid product made by clueless fuckwits that haven’t got the first idea about locks.

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