Replacing this unique (to me) entry door mortise setup : Locksmith

We got this modern style stainless steel front door when we remodeled our house a few years ago.

The main lock/handle is a mortise. We didn’t realize when we bought it that it’d be imported from Europe, so it might be a “European mortise” if that’s a thing.

The cylinder is definitely Euro style.

Now here’s the kicker: The main lock not only operates a pretty massive deadbolt in the middle of the door, but also a second one near the bottom of the door.

This picture was on the door reseller’s website, and accurately describes how our door works.

We want to replace the main lockset for multiple reasons (functionality, appearance) but don’t know what we’re in for because of the possibly non-standard (for the US) nature of the mortise and because of this internally connected second deadbolt.

Sadly the reseller is unresponsive to questions.

Has anyone seen one like this before? Have any advice?


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Rekeying Schlage keyed entry door knobs : Locksmith

Well, you should have drivers in there, so the springs never come in contact with the plug.

It’s been a while since I rekeyed Schlage with C-clip, but if I remember correctly, the end of the plug, where the tailpiece goes, is shaped like an oval. You need to insert the plug at more or less exactly 90º so that the end of the oval shape keeps everything in the bible like it should.

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Marks I-que still allowing entry intermittently after solenoid disengages which you can hear between the 2nd and 3rd latch retraction. : Locksmith

I have put eyes on the solenoid and it is traveling so it’s not just the obligatory efforting noise you get when they’re bound up. Any of you other actuals ran across this? Thoughts? ideas? Besides put it in the dumpster and get an alarm lock that is. I’ll be doing that next week I would just like to get the customer secure over the weekend without having to cross bore this metal door for a DB at quarter till 5 on a Friday. Thanks in advance.

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We just moved into our office and want keyless entry with fob or key card (not a keypad). Does anybody make a key card reader that you can just replace this current deadbolt with without screwing new holes (property manager wants to be able to revert easily). What do I buy? : Locksmith

The short answer is no.

You really need a competent locksmith to come talk with you about your options. Search online for locksmiths who advertise commercial work. Most importantly, read the reviews from other customers. Also, if he comes out and you don’t like him, maybe he’s rude, or feel that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, call someone else. A novice or incompetent locksmith can really screw this up. If you can locate a city or regional locksmith association and get recommendations from them, you’ll be way ahead. An example would be the Greater Houston Locksmith Assoc.

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Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised? : Locksmith

I noticed the cover plate on the outside of my deadbolt is missing, exposing back end of the screw holes. This is an apartment complex. I walked around the building and no other door had the plate removed.

Should I be worried that this deadbolt is more vulnerable to being broken into?

Do you think this is a sign of failed forced entry? Vandalism?

Google is not helping me find any examples of this happening. It does not appear to be a common way to break in. I’ve wondered if it some how fell off? I have been washing down my door handles and deadbolt with soap and water due to the coronavirus (which is out of control where I live).

r/Locksmith - Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised?

Deadbolt missing cover

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Is it possible to change the lock/rekey this old mortise entry door? : Locksmith

Yes. Just loosen (not remove) the screw immediately above the deadbolt and on the key side of the door. Unscrew the cylinder (the part where the key goes), and take it to a locksmith. They can either rekey it to a new key, to an existing one, or sell you a new cylinder.

To reinstall, follow above steps in reverse order. Make sure the cylinder is in the correct position before tightening the screw.

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